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Under 8's Football


Coaches: Nuala McLean, Jackie Erskine, Ciaran McGarrity


Eire Og v St Theresa's

22/05/2012Posted by G.Toner

St Theresa's brought a strong panel for this challenge match. Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances, Eire Og were short of their full complement of P3s and P4s.

To ensure that all of the children got to play both teams divided into two groups and took turns playing each other.

In the first match the Ogs found the going tough. St Theresa's tall midfielders dominated. Sophia and Conal showed real determination as they sought to repel wave after wave of attack. Up front Megan and Cara did their best to win the ball and launch attacks on the St Theresa's goal. Connor, in his first match, worked tirelessly tackling and doing his best to frustrate the very energetic Glen Road side. Pearse put in another committed display shooting when the opportunity presented itself. Katie and Caitlin combined well together showing great enthusiasm for the contest.

For some of our team it was their first time playing a competitive match. Lucy, Emma and Connor showed great pluck as they threw themselves into the fray.

The final match was a more even contest thanks in part to the involvement of Andrew, Daire and Cormac from our U10 ranks.

This was a very useful exercise for our Under 8s. Hopefully, next time our full panel will be available.

U8 Challenge match

19/05/2012Posted by G.Toner

Eire Og's Under 8 boys and girls took on their St Agnes' counterparts on St Agnes' pitch on Saturday morning, 19 May. The Ogs performed very well outscoring a very determined and well organised St Agnes' team. 

Sophia saw a lot of the ball in the centre and battled bravely throughout often breaking up opposition attacks and feeding our forwards with excellent ball. Conal marshalled affairs very solidly at the back showing great composure often under severe pressure. Jude displayed his shooting prowess scoring a couple of impressive 5 point scores. Pearse was all over the pitch shooting, tackling and taking excellent scores himself. Cara worked hard covering a lot of ground in the forward line while Daire held his own in goal.

All in all it was a very encouraging display from the P3s and P4s. The coaches all agreed that it provided the children with a real confidence boost and would spur them on to want more competition.

This game was 6 a-side. Hopefully more P3s and P4s  from St Anne's and Our Lady Queen of Peace will come along and join us every Saturday morning (10.30am-12pm) and /or every Tuesday (6.30pm-7.30pm) at Woodlands.

Éire Óg v Sarsfields

24/03/2012Posted by G. Toner

Warm sunshine greeted us as we arrived up at Sarsfield’s pitch for this challenge match. Our boys and girls were well turned out and were accompanied by Lead coach Ciaran and assistant coaches, Greg, Michael and Stephen. Sean McKenna, Head of Youth Coaching was also in attendance. The game was played over three ten minute sessions. All of the children got a run out.

Luke  volunteered to keep goal and did well. The two Conors, Sophie  and Pearse battled bravely at the back. Orla, Niamh, Cailin and Conal did  all that was asked of them in the middle of the park, while Jude, Caroline, Alanna and Katie tried their hardest up front. Sarsfields proved too good for our youngsters demonstrating speed, accurate shooting and greater physical strength. Nevertheless, our young players never stopped trying in their efforts to match their more experienced counterparts. We should not forget either that for many in our team this was their first competitive match.

At the end of the match the children shook hands and lead coach, Ciaran, praised his young charges for their valiant efforts.

Under 8's vs Sarsfields

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