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S Antrim P4 Go Games

14/06/2014Posted by Ciaran Grant

P4 Go Games
Venue: Gort Na Mona
Date: 14th June 2014

Brid Og's P4 and P3 hurlers played in the latest round of South Antrim Go Games at Gort Na Mona. Besides the Ogs and the hosts teams from St Enda's, Loch Mor and St Gall's were there.

Gort Na Mona only had 1 team so the Brid Og players came together to face them. This was no bad thing as there were a couple of latecomers to the pitch. At the end of the game Brid Og had recorded a narrow victory. The teams then split into a P4 team and a P3 team.

P3 Team
Against St Enda's the Ogs lost by the only score of the game. They had chances but bad luck in front of goal cost them. Next they faced a young St Gall's team and the pressure Brid Og put them under meant St Gall's had trouble clearing their lines and all the Brid Og players helped themselves to goals as the score count easily went into double figures.

Next the P3s faced Loch Mor Gaels, who had a couple of good players in midfield. Liam and Oisin did a very good job in snuffing out the threat from them and at the end of the game Brid Og were deserving winners by 3-0.

P4 Team
The P4 team faced St Galls. The game was high tempo from the start and both teams, who were evenly matched in skills, continually moved the ball back and forth across the mid field line. The Brid Og defence performed strongly and managed to fend of the St Galls forward line.  All of the St Galls points were scored from the half way line by a handy defender who continually pressed forward. Brid Og responded well and James managed to score a goal to bring the scores level. The game finished St Galls 0-3 Brid Og 1-0.

The next game saw Brid Og line out against the St Endas P4 team. The game got off to a sluggish start but both teams soon found their stride. It was encouraging to see the young Brid Og players make extensive use of their hand passing skills throughout the game. Rory managed to score a goal and this was quickly followed by a goal from Mel and a point from Zack. The score could have been much higher except for a number of wides. The game finished Brid Og 2-1 - St Endas 1-0.
The two teams came together again to play another match against Loch Mor.
Joe volunteered to play for our opponents so the game could be  9-a-side. At the end Brid Og had recorded a fairly comfortable victory, with Zack scoring a couple of long range goals during the game.

Thanks to Kieran for organising the games and Raymie and the rest of the mentors at Gort Na Mona for hosting. Also thanks as usual to the parents for their support.

P3s - Liam, Connor, Tetchin, Connor, Joe, Oisin
P4's - James, Rory, Mel, Pearse, Zack, Dara

S Antrim P4 Go Games

24/05/2014Posted by Gavin Kane


Primary 4/3 Games

Date: 24th May 2014

Venue: Sarsfields

The Brig Og team took part in another week of the Primary 4 games played at host club Sarsfields. It was great to see big numbers again today with enough players for two teams and a few substitutes for each team. The teams were split between primary 4 and primary 3 players.

The primary 4 team faced host club Sarsfields in their first game. Until now these games had been ground based hurling, but the coaches agreed to play the games as full rules, much to the delight of the players. The team hurled brilliantly in their first game and the game started with an early goal from Zack which quickly steadied any nerves. This was followed by scores from Jack, James and Mel who all managed to break through the Sarsfields defence. There was some great defensive play from Donnacha, Darragh, Rory, Niall and Saoirse who continually broke down the Sarsfields forwards. The game ended Brid Og 2-2 - Sarsfields 0-2.

The second game of the day was against St Johns. The players were somewhat apprehensive about this game but with some encouragement from the mentors and parents the team got off to a flyer with an early point. It was great to see the confidence of the players develop during this game against a very skilful opponent and this encouraged our players to make use of their handpassing and short passing skills. Skills which have been the focus of recent training sessions. Brid Og remained in front for most of the game until a quickly taken free enabled St Johns to draw level. The game finished 0-1 to 0-1.

The last game of the day took place on a makeshift pitch where we were to face Davitts. The game was dominated by Brid Og from start to finish and the lifting and passing skills of this young team caught our opponents by surprise. This provided the opportunity to continually rotate players during the game and Brid Og ran out comfortable winners. 

The P3 team at the South Antrim Go Games had another very successful day. The games were all full rules and it was great to see many young Brid Og players picking the ball up and striking the sliotar in the air.

There were 8 children playing for the team and they got off to a flyer in their first match against Sarsfields. Brid Og scored 3 goals early in the first half through Tetchin, Oisin and Liam. After this the game became more of a battle for possession and although the Ogs continued to dominate there was no further score. Adam and James protected Darragh in goals and the Ogs net was never under any serious threat.

The next game was against St Enda’s and as St Enda’s only had 1 team the younger Ogs were facing older opposition. Our opponents only had 7 players, but Joe made my job a lot easier by volunteering to be the substitute. St Enda’s had a couple of players who could lift the ball and they had a number of chances. Tetchin made some good saves but St Enda’s did get some reward when they scored a point. Up until this point St Enda’s had done most of the pressing but Brid Og worked the ball up the field and Joe, who had come on as sub, bundled the ball into the net for the winning score. Maybe Joe had a masterplan to keep himself fresh on the sideline for the later part of the match.

The third and final game was against the 2nd team from St John’s and all 8 players got to play. This was a physical battle with the Ogs and the Johnnies fighting to try and get possession of the sliotar. Chances were few and the game looked like ending scoreless until Liam made a break from midfield. As he neared goal the keeper held him up with good tackling and although he was unable to get the ball across the line, James followed up to strike the sliotar to the net. Liam did manage to get a goal later though when he managed to force the ball over the line after a melee in front of the goals.

So, the P3s followed up their 100% record from the Go Games of two weeks ago with straight wins again.

Thanks to the players for their effort today, thanks to the parents for travelling to the games and for their encouragement and support. Thanks to Kieran for organising the games and Declan and the Sarsfields Club for hosting the games. Also thanks to Colum for helping with the P4 team. Thanks to dads, Niall and Jimmy, on the sidelines for helping to get the P3 subs on and off.

Brid Og Squad: Adam, Darragh, Ethan, James, Joe, Liam, Oisin, Tetchin 


S Antrim P2 Go Games

24/05/2014Posted by Tara Baird


Brid Og fielded 8 enthusiastic players at Grosvenor Playing fields on Saturday. For 2 of them it was their first ever hurling matches - Laura and Patrick. 

First we played St Endas and James and Ronan all enjoyed scoring whilst Emma performed some brilliant saves, helped by Alannah in defence.  We won this match with St Endas scoring 1 goal to our 7.

Next we faced the host side Davitts. We moved all players around with Ronan in goals.mThis was a tougher match and the Ogs showed their tremendous spirit, teamwork and tackling but lost by a goal.

Lastly we played Sarsfields.  This time Patrick was in goals and all 8 players got on at the same time.  Corey and James scored several goals each helped by Ronan and Ruari's fighting spirit at the front which won us another goal.  Laura tackled well and Patrick stayed focused whilst in goals. Alannah and Emma continued to play well tackling and striking the sliotar and helping Patrick in goals.

Well done to all the kids, parents and grandparents who turned up and supported the team.  To Ronan, Ruari, Patrick, Laura, Alannah, James, Corey, and Emma we are very proud of you you all played so well.  Thanks to Davitts for hosting and Kevin and Stephen for helping with the team.


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