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Dunloy P3/P4 Blitz

26/06/2011Posted by Darren Hamill

Éire Ógs P3 / P4s were invited to the North Antrim Development Blitz at Dunloy's pitch on Sunday 26th June 2011.

Due to the weather conditions and the number of teams attending the blitz it was decided that the matches would take place in Dunloy's state of the art indoor arena.

Unfortunately a lot of the listed teams did not attend and the blitz only involved

Éire Óg




Match No 1

Éire Óg  v  Glenshesk

The Ogs first match was against Glenshesk. To boost the Ógs numbers it was agreed that Aidan Short could play although he was restricted to doing nets. Our numbers were also increased with the introduction of a Dunloy player.

The back line of Jack, Conlan and Odhran were the busiest on show and were helped out by Pearce S and Daniel from midfield. The highlight of this game was the great goal scored by Pearce S. The forward line of Pearse H and David were restricted in their possession of their sliothar but tried their hardest. The Glenshesk team ran out easy winners in the end.


Match No 2

Éire Óg  v  Dunloy

The second match was against the hosts Dunloy. Again the Ógs numbers were increased by a Dunloy player.

Young Pearse, the birthday boy, replaced Aidan in nets. Aidan was helped in defence by Conlan and Jack. The Ógs defence again were the busiest on the pitch and the midfield duo of Pearce S and Daniel must have covered every artificial blade of grass on the pitch.

Young Odhran and David tried to boost the numbers in midfield to get possession but most of the Ógs efforts were stopped by Dunloy’s excellent keeper. Even though Dunloy ran out easy winners our own keeper young Pearse H pulled off some memorable saves during the match.


Match No 3

Éire Óg v Glenshesk

Our final match of the day was a repeat of the first. The teams lined out same as the second match. Highlight of the match must go to the performance of the Glenshesk No9 who fired shots from every angle and displayed a wide variety of skills. (A definite county player of the future) Again all the players tried their best and we were rewarded with a couple of goals.


Although the blitz was an early start and there was a large distance to travel I think all the kids had an enjoyable day. All the young Ógs took part in 3 very competitive matches and can only develop from the experience. It must be remembered that the team will not face the standard of Dunloy and Glenshesk every time and roll on the Rossa match on Thursday evening.

 A special mention must go to Ciara who again represented Éire Óg as referee. She was the ref for all 3 Ógs matches and clearly had NOT been watching the performance of the Lamh Dhearg ref from Monday night for tips. All the mentors from Dunloy and Glenshesk, who had given our team a great welcome, thought her officiating was first class.

The Young Ógs:







Pearce S

Pearse H

Well done the Ógs and thanks again to all the players and parents for attending the blitz.


Glenavy P3/P4 Blitz

28/05/2011Posted by Ciara Hamill


Eire Og

Saint Joseph's Glenavy

Saint Enda's Glengormley

All Saints Ballymena

Saint Comgall's Antrim

The young Ogs took part in the second P3 / P4. North Antrim Blitz at Saint Joseph's pitch in Glenavy. We will not even mention the weather but it would not be described as perfect hurling weather. As well as the players parents and brothers / sisters there was an auntie and cousin on pitchside to cheer on the young ogs. The young cousin (not quite 2) came prepared with his personalised hurl and ball and will definitely be a Og for the future.

Match No 1

Eire Og 5 Saint Comgalls 0

As the Ogs playing panel was restricted to 6 it was decided to reduce the pitch size. This would greatly benefit the young Ogs. There was some great attacking play from Daniel who scored some amazing goals. He was also helped from midfield by the pairing of Carla and Pearce S. Young Jack and Pearse H in defence were strong in the tackle and in one particular play Pearse H found the space to lift the ball, take his steps and clear the ball into midfield. This produced a warm applause not only from the Eire Og parents and supporters but also the Saint Comgalls coaches as well. Halfway through the match there was a massive downpour. Young David in goals who have been a virtual spectator asked the question "Do we go to the car now".So young Pearse H moved from defence to keeper. The result of the match could probably be summed up by a quote from young Carla in the group huddle after the match "We stuffed them!".


Match No 2

Eire Og 4 Saint Endas 0

This was a repeat of one of the matches in the first Blitz. The Eire Og numbers were boosted by some Saint Enda players. The players positions were changed from the first match. Daniel and Carla were now in defence and Pearse H and Jack up front. Pearce S was helped in midfield by young David. Again the goals came from the sticks of Pearce S and Daniel. Daniel was very unlucky as one of his efforts hit the post , he also tried to lift the ball at every opportunity. Pearse H also went close when his effort for a point narrowly went wide. Young Carla held her position well but was a virtual spectator for most of the match. Unfortunately near the end of this match young Daniel took a knock to the leg and had to retire to nets for the next two matches.


Match No 3

Eire Og 0 Saint Joseph Glenavy 1

As before this was probably the tightest match of the day. Again the Ogs numbers were boosted by Glenavy players. The game was played mostly in midfield and there was a great tussle pbetween the 2 Pearc(s)es and the Glenavy pairing. Both players must have covered every blade of grass on the pitch. Brothers Jack and David and Carla tried their hardest and Daniel pulled off some great saves but the game was lost when a Glenavy forward put a powerful shot past Daniel. Unfortunately the Ogs defence was our loaned players from Glenavy and this was probably not one of the wisest of decisions made.


Match No 4

Eire Og 0 All Saints Ballymena 3

Credit has to go to the All Saints team as they were clearly the best team on show during the day. Again the Ogs numbers were increased but the same mistake was not made as they were put into midfield and attack. Our defence of Jack and Pearse H were the busiest on the pitch and there was some great scores from Ballymena using the lighter yellow ball. Young Daniel in nets tried to get distance in his puck outs but I think the whole team, who had played brilliantly over the whole day were now getting tired. Hopefully for the next blitz in two weeks time their numbers will be boosted. Well done to all the young Ogs who played brilliantly on Saturday and congratulations on winning their first two matches.


The Young Ogs

Carla,  Daniel,  David,  Jack,  Pearse H.,  Pearce S. and cousin Cain on the sidelines


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