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Pat Rice Memorial Tournament

18/02/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Éire Óg hosted the annual Pat Rice Memorial P3 indoor hurling blitz at the Fall's Swimming Pool and the other teams on show were Saint Enda's and the Pearse's. Unfortunately Gort Na Mona and Saint Gall's were unable to field.

The Óg's first match was against Saint Enda's. They were a very organised side and seemed to be first to the ball in what was a very one sided first half.

In the second half it was emphasised to the players that they needed to remain tighter to their opposition players but unfortunately the young Enda's had players on the day whose finishing was clinical and they won the match easily.

Their second match was against the young Pearse's team. Unfortunately the Pearse's only had 6 players but this give the players more space to operate in. Sophia was the keeper for this match and pulled off some great saves. Young Conlan and Megan were great in defence with Charlie pressing the midfield. The forward line of Liam, Pearse, Peter and Liam were rotated from the subs bench and the Óg's run out easy victors.

Our old foes Saint Enda's were our opposition again and the players positions were rotated again. Young Peter took his turn in nets with the defensive partnership of Sophia and Megan just in front on him. Pearse and Charlie were put into midfield and again our forward line was rotated between Conlan, Liam and Zach.

The young Enda's team started in a frenzy and unfortunately they took an early lead with some unstoppable pulls of the sliothar. In the second half the Óg's came more into the game with some great scores of their own but again St Enda's came away with the victory.

The fourth and final game was against the Pearse's and again the coaches changed the positions of the players. Megan was placed in nets with Conlan and Sophia taking up defensive duties. Charlie was again in midfield and the forward line was boosted by the addition of Luke.

The game flowed from one end to the other with the Óg's winning by the odd goal in nine. For the neutral spectator this was probably the best game of the day with the Óg's running all over the pitch until the final whistle.

All the clubs got 4 matches on the day and I would like to thank David and Mairead McGowan for organising the event, Eithne McGowan for so ably and fairly refereeing the games, all the parents for travelling to the venue and for their vociferous support from the gallery, the players who all played brilliantly on the day, the Staff of the Falls Swim Centre for their warm welcome and help in making the mornings games such a success.

It must be mentioned that this was a very young team with some of players only P1s and P2s. It is great to see the development of our youngest players and hopefully the future of Eire Og hurling is bright in their hands.

Well done to the Óg's:  Charlie  Conlan  Liam  Luke  Megan  Pearse  Peter  Sophia  Zach

Coaches:  Darren Hamill and Ciaran Grant


U6 Friendly v. Saint Endas

04/12/2011Posted by Darren Hamill

Eire Og U6 Hurling team v Saint Enda's

4th December 2011

Eire Og's U6s were invited to play against their Saint Enda's counterparts at Saint Malachy's College Sports Hall on the Antrim Road.

The hall was large enough to be split into 2 pitches and it was agreed that the team size be restricted to 4 players. This allowed Eire Og to field 2 teams.

Both the Og's teams played in a round robin series of 5 minute games against their Saint Enda's opponents and they defied the early start (9.30) by performing brilliantly winning all their games they competed in.

It was great to see all the hard work in training throughout the year coming together in a match situation and also how all the players were able to adapt to the different positions they were asked to play in. It was also great to see the wide variety of goal scorers on view on the day.

It was a great display by all of the young Ogs and an excellent send off for all the U6s now moving onto U8 level and we hope they all have further successes in the future.

The Victorious Og's

Charlie O'Kane

David Prenter

Liam Grant

Michael McQuillan

Oran Grant

Pearse Hamill

Peter McLean

Zach Watson

Well done all the Og's and Roll On 2012.

St Paul's U8 Blitz

13/08/2011Posted by Darren Hamill

U8 Blitz @ St Pauls Saturday 13th August 2011.

The U8 Go Games at woodlands were cancelled due to lack of teams competing, so the young Ogs made a quick dash up the Shaw's Road to see if they would be able to play in a blitz organised by St Pauls hurling team. Thanks must go to St. Paul's mentor Paul Donnelly who welcomed our team at very late notice and provided our team with drinks and snacks. Hopefully this will be the start of a competitive relationship between both teams.

Match No 1


Eire Og v Saint Pauls 'A'

Eire Ogs first match was against the hosts "A" team. The match was very competitive especially in a packed midfield. The Ogs got off to a flying start with a goal scored by Daniel. The teams were very equally matched and a highlight of the game was the point scored by Pearce S. The Ogs back line of Caolan, Conlon and Pearse H were strong in the tackle and the midfield trio of Alex, Daniel and Pearce S covered large areas of the pitch to try to create chances for our forwards Oran, Carla and David.

Match No2


Eire Og v Saint Enda's 'A'

Our second game was against our old foes Saint Enda's and once again they were the strongest team we faced on the day. Their midfield trio were magnificent and they produced some remarkable scores. Young Daniel produced some heroics in nets and Pearce S blocks were fantastic. Unfortunately young David had to leave during this match and the Ogs numbers were reduced to 9 players.

Match No 3


Eire Og v Saint Paul's 'B'

Our final match of the day was against the hosts "B" team. The Ogs defensive line of Alex, Carla and Oran with the help of Jack in nets were again tight and the hosts were restricted to a point from distance. The midfield duo of Pearce S and Daniel were energetic as usual and the forwards of Conlon, Pearse H and Caolan received plenty of the ball. The Ogs scored 2 goals with Pearce S and Daniel providing the final touches. Another highlight was the pointed free scored by Pearse H. A special mention must go to young Caolan who received a blow to the chest but bravely played on. It was a very eventful day which resulted in 2 wins for the Ogs.

Again I would like to thank all the Saint Paul's mentors for allowing us to compete in their blitz. The other teams participating were Saint Galls and Rossa.

Many thanks to all the parents for their support and to coaches Ciaran & Darren for organising and managing this event for the children.

The Ogs:









Pearse H

Pearce S


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