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2012 Pat Rice Tournament

10/03/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

The third week-end of games concluded the P4 Pat Rice Tournament for 2012. Unfortunately Antrim club Saint Comgall's were unable to field a team on the day and the only match of importance was the Og's against Saint Enda's. Although the original series of games were 7 a side it was agreed by both teams that all 8 players would be able to play.

The Og's lined out as follows. Carla due to her heroics in previous games was placed in goals with Gerard, David and Conlan taking up defensive duties. The midfield dynamos were Pearse and Sophia with an attacking line up of Oran and Alex.

From the start the Og's were put under immense pressure and they found it hard to clear their defensive lines resulting in a couple of scores from Saint Enda's.

The Og's changed their formation in the second half with Alex replacing David in defence. The Og's were rewarded with a fine strike of the sliotar from Pearse. Although the Og's had more possession in the second half Saint Enda's won the match easily 5-1.

Lamh dhearg had been asked to replace Saint Gall's on the final day of games and this allowed us to play a series of round robin matches lasting 7 minutes. Highlights of these games was the goal scored by Oran and the great strikes from Carla that hit the back of the net only for them to be disallowed encroachment into the semi circle. How many times has this damaged Eire Og over the last couple of weeks.

There were also great displays in nets from Sophia, Pearse and Conlan. Alex and Gerard were now gelling into a strong defensive partnership and David pressurised at every opportunity in his forward role.

I would now like to congratulate both Lamh dhearg and Saint Enda's who both ended up on equal points with 3 wins and a draw. I would also like to thank David and Mairead McGowan for organising this fitting memorial tournament on behalf of Eire Og, the Fall's Swimmers staff for preparing the indoor hall and providing seats for the spectators, Aidan for refereeing all the games impartially again and of our vocal parental support who travelled to the venue including those who supported the club at their fundraising quiz on the previous night.

Finally I would like to thank all the players from Lamh dhearg, Saint Enda's, Saint Comgall's, Gort Na Mona and of course the Og's who have all performed brilliantly over the last 3 week-ends. Although the cup this year was split between two teams I am sure that with a lot of hard work the Og's can return the cup to their rightful owners next year. Roll on 2013.

The Og's:  Alex , Carla , Conlan , David , Gerard , Oran , Pearse Hamill and Sophia

Players not available today:  Caolan, Conor and Pearce Short


U8 Go Games at Whiterock LC

03/03/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Eire Og fielded a team in the U8 Go Games organised by South Antrim at the Whiterock Leisure Centre. Unfortunately Saint Gall's did not field a team and the Og's opposition was Saint John's and Gort Na Mona.

One of our U8 players Charlie O'Kane was not able to play as he was attending his grandmothers funeral. I am sure I speak for all of Eire Og when I pass on our condolences to the whole O'Kane family.

The Og's first game was against Saint Johns and we lined out with Megan in nets and Conor and Oran controlling defensive duties. The midfield partnership was Sophia and David and our forward line was Peter and Conlan.

The Og's got off to a great start with the midfield winning most of the early tussles and this was rewarded with a great score from Conlan. Although the match was a tight affair once the Johnnies had got the ball towards the Og's goal line we found it hard to clear our defensive lines and the Johnnies got some scores of their own.

Our second match was against Gort Na Mona. Gort had more than 7 players and young Liam was introduced for Eire Og. Again the Og's line out was changed with David replacing Megan in nets. Conor and Oran retained their defensive duties and Sophia was now being helped by goal scorer Conlan in midfield. Our forward line was now boosted by Liam and included Megan and Peter.

The Gorts were a very strong outfit and most of the pressure was on the Og's goal line. Our front line were denied much possession but Peter and Megan had strikes of the sliotar that went narrowly wide.

Although the Og's were up against stronger teams on the day it must be remembered that this was a young team including some P2 and P1 players. I would also like to thank the parents for the great vocal support from the sidelines and I hope everyone agrees that the Go Games were great for the development of team. I would also like to thank Sean Hawes (Recent Coach For U12s/14s) for overseeing the Go Games on the day.

The Og's:  Conlan, Conor, David, Liam, Megan, Oran, Peter, Sophia

Lastly I would like to highlight how busy the hurling teams is at the moment with the Pat Rice Tournament, the U10 indoor blitzes, the U8 Go Games and the U12/14's training for the imminent league matches.


Pat Rice Indoor Hurling Tournament

25/02/2012Posted by Darren Hamill


The Og's P4 hurling team took part in the annual Pat Rice Memorial Indoor hurling tournament which runs over three week-ends at the Fall's Swimming Centre. Unfortunately St Gall's, the trophy holders, were unable to field a team so the competing teams on the first week-end of games included Gort Na Mona and Lamh Dhearg.

Match No 1  --  Eire Og 2 Gort Na Mona 3

Eire Og were drawn to play Gort Na Mona in the first of their games. Young Carla was placed in nets with Caolan and Pearse H lining up to protect her in defence. The midfield partnership was Pearce S and Gerard with the forwards being rotated between Sophia, Oran, Alex, David and Conlan.

The Og's got off to a flying start when Pearce S fired the sliotar passed the Gort Na Mona keeper from a distance, but unfortunately this was a wake up call for Gort Na Mona who quickly went into a 2-1 lead with some fine striking of their own. At this moment Carla's heroics in nets seemed to be keeping us in the game and her captain like performance seemed to breath life in the Og's again when they drew level with another powerful pull of the ball from Pearce S.

At 2-2 the game and the sliotar seemed to flow back and forward until Gort Na Mona scored their third goal. There was still enough time for the usual controversial moment for Eire Og when Alex struck the ball perfectly twice with one attempt being expertly saved  by Gort's keeper and the second attempt agonisingly bouncing off the bottom of the crossbar but there was no "Russian Linesman" to help Eire Og this time. At the final whistle it was a narrow defeat for the Og's 2-3.


Match No 2  --  Eire Og 2 Lamh Dhearg 4

Eire Og's second game was against Lamh Dhearg. Young Pearse H was placed in nets for this match and Carla and Gerard lined out in front of him. Pearce S and Caolan were the dynamos in midfield and the forward line was again revolved around Sophia, David, Alex, Conlan and Oran.

Lamh dhearg started the brighter and went into an early lead but the Og's drew level with another Pearce S goal. Controversy rose its head again when a great clearance from Carla rebounded of a certain coach's foot,who will remain nameless in this report, giving an assist to a Lamh Dhearg that " Lionel Messi" would have been proud of and of course he found the back of the Og's match giving Lamh Dhearg a 2-1 lead.

After an awkward half time team talk for one of the coaches Pearse and Sophia's roles were reversed but unfortunately Lamh Dhearg came flying out of the blocks again and increased their lead to 3-1. Instead of putting their heads the Og's started to gel together and for the rest of this half they all raised their game and this resulted in Pearse H scoring the Og's second goal with a fantastic effort where the ball was still rising when it hit the back of the net.

With their tails up the Og's had the scent of at least a draw and they peppered the Lamh dhearg defence but the Dhearg's  were able to repel the Og's attacking with some great defensive blocking and in a rare attack  they were able to score their fourth goal. Before the final whistle Pearce S had a goal disallowed for encroaching in the semi circle with the final result showing 4-2 in Lamh Dhearg's favour. Although the results show two defeats I believe all the Og's competed brilliantly and there was not much between the standard of the three teams on show and hopefully the Og's are overdue a bit of good luck for a change.

I would now like to thank David and Mairead McGowan for again organising the annual event and the helpful staff of the Fall's Swimming Centre for preparing the Arena and sorting the seating arrangements for the great travelling and vocal parental support. I would also like to thank David's son Aidan for refereeing all the matches in a very impartial way but he could have aided with some goal line technology today. Finally I would like to thank all the players on show from Gort Na Mona, Lamh dhearg and of course Eire Og for putting on a great display of hurling over the two hours.

Og's:  Alex  Caolan  Carla  Conlan  David  Gerard  Oran  Pearce S.  Pearse H.  Sophia


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