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P3/P4 SW Antrim Blitz

28/04/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Eire Og were invited to field a team in the South West Antrim P3/P4
hurling blitz. There was also a coaching element to the blitz were the
mentors were asked to oversee the various teams and to demonstrate the
skills of striking the ball, blocking, roll lifting and also soloing
and I believe we must introduce these skills to even our youngest of players.
The teams were then scheduled to play 4 X 10 minute games.

Eire Og 0-0 Saint Enda's A 3-0
Our first match was against a very strong St Enda's team. I was
overseeing this team during the training section and witnessed a lot
of skilful players throughout their ranks. The Og's lined out with
David in nets, Gerard and Jack in defence , with the Pearc(s)es in
midfield accompanied by Oran in midfield. Our forward line was young
Liam and Conlan. The Og's were strong from the start and matched Saint Enda's in midfield.
Unfortunately the hosts pitch was bumpy in places and the Og's found
it hard to lift the ball under pressure. The pitch also had a slight
gradient which we were playing against. When Saint Enda's did get the
ball towards the Og's goal they converted one of their chances. David
in nets tried to clear his lines with his puck outs but Saint Enda's
were clever and pressurised our defence and scored another two goals in quick succession.
Eire Og had their chances as well and both Pearc(s)es went close as
did Conlan and the score could easily been 3-3.

Eire Og 1-0 Saint Comgall's 1-0
Our second game was against the host team Saint Comgall's. This was a
very tight game and before the throw in the mentors urged the players
to lift the ball at every opportunity. Ciaran changed the formation of
the team as well when he placed Conlan in nets as he was not feeling
100%. Pearse H and Gerard were now our backline and Oran, Jack and
Pearce S took up midfield positions with Liam and David were given forward duties.
Saint Comgall's got off to a flier and seemed to be comfortable with
the pitch and scored an early goal which Conlan had no chance with.
Conlan was getting good distances with his puck outs and this give our
midfielders a chance to push on. In a great demonstration of Skill
Pearce scored an equaliser from the side line with a great puck out of
his hand and this received warm applause from the Eire Og and Saint
Comgall supporters. The Ogs now started to dominate and had a chance
to win the match when Pearse H narrowly went wide from a free. Saint
Comgall's had their chances too and Conlan produced a great save to deny them the victory late on.

Eire Og 1-0 All Saints Ballymena 0-1
Our third game was against All Saints. Again the match was a close
affair and Ciaran kept the team on their toes by changing their positions.
Unfortunately David had to leave early and we were reduced to 7 players.
Conlan due to his heroics kept his place in nets and Gerard and Jack
teamed up in defence. The two Pearc(s)es played mid and the two
brothers Liam and Oran started up front.
The Og's were the stronger team and had the majority of the possession.
Young Liam and Oran were getting chances now and in one attack young
Liam was pushed over and awarded a free. Our  youngest player then
brushed himself down took the free himself and did not disappoint when
he blasted the sliotar into the back of the net and he received a loud
round of applause from the Eire Og support. WELL DONE LIAM. Ballymena
did have their chances and managed to score a great point to set up a
nervous final couple of minutes but the Og's were able to hold out for
an narrow victory.

Eire Og 0 - Saint Enda's B 0
This match as the score shows was a tight affair and fair play to both
teams as they went for the victory. Our winning team remained
unaltered for our final match and Oran and Liam had a couple of
strikes that went narrowly wide. Both Jack and Gerard were strong in
defence and helped Conlan in nets. The Pearc(s)es ran constantly in
midfield but unfortunately we could not make the break through.

I would like to thank Tom and Leo for inviting our team to the blitz
and also for the coaching drills as well. I personally feel these type
of blitzes against this quality of opposition can only improve our
team. I would also like to thank our players parents for travelling to
the venue and for their continued vocal support from the sideline.
Finally I would like to thank our players who all hurled brilliantly
today but I have a couple of special mentions. Firstly Conlan who
played brilliantly even though he was not feeling well and secondly
our goalscorer Liam who got off the mark against much larger opposition.
Oran the pressure is on now!

Og's:  Conlan David Gerard Jack Liam Oran Pearce S. Pearse H.


U8 Go-Games

07/04/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Venue:   Whiterock Leisure Centre

Eire Og's U8 hurling team participated in the final series of U8 Go Games. Unfortunately due to the Easter Holidays both Saint John's and Gort Na Mona did not field but Ardoyne had enough for an A and B team.

Eire Og - 8   :   Ardoyne 'A' - 0

Eire Og only had seven players due to the holidays and new recruit Aaron was placed in nets for our first game. The regular duo of Conlan and Oran took up their defensive duties with Gerard and Pearse having responsibility for midfield. David and young Liam lined out as our forward line and David took his opportunity by scoring 3 great goals. Pearse contributed to the goal scoring from midfield with 4 goals from his stick. Near the end of the match the back and midfield lines were rotated and Conlan took his chance away from the defending by scoring a goal himself.

Eire Og - 0  :  Ardoyne - 1

As Ardoyne brought a total of 15 players to the games it was agreed that they would be allowed an extra outfield player so all their kids would get a game. The players positions were changed with Pearse lining out "between the posts" ( Not a Happy Camper!!!) and Conlan and Aaron took up defensive positions. Oran was now pushed forward to help Gerard in midfield and both David and Liam maintained their forward positions.

Although Eire Og had the majority of the possession it seemed we had used up all our goals in the first match as most of our pulls of sliotar went narrowly wide. To be fair to Ardoyne they have chances of their own and they scored a goal to get the narrowest of victories.

I would like to thank Kieran Megraw for organising the Go Games and Sean Hawes for being the co-ordinator for the games. Also the Whiterock Leisure Centre for hosting the event. Looking back at the series of games over the three week-ends I believe they have been a great success for our young team. It was great to see the players coming off the pitch clearly enjoying the games and it was great to see the improvement in our team. Although all the players had done great during these games a special mention must go to the younger members of our team including Charlie, Liam and Peter who all competed brilliantly against larger opposition. 

The Og's:  Aaron   Conlan   David   Gerard   Liam   Oran   Pearse


U8 Hurling Go-Games

25/03/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Eire Og's U8 hurling team participated in the second round of Go Games at the Whiterock Leisure Centre. The other teams involved were St John's and Ardoyne. Unfortunately Gort Na Mona had to play in the other group of games on the adjacent pitch.

The Og's first game was against St John's. Unfortunately they could only field 8 players so we were not able to play our full compliment of players.

The Og's lined out with David in nets and our defensive line was Pearse and Conor. Our midfield players were Oran, Charlie and Peter with Sophia and Conlan up front. The match was a very tight affair with the sliotar being struck well by both sides but unfortunately the Johnnies came away with an narrow 1-0 victory.

Our second match was against Ardoyne and we were able to give all our players a run out. The players positions were again changed with Conlan taking control of the goals. Our back line comprised of Oran, Conor and David. Our midfield trio was Charlie, Pearse and Sophia with Emily, Liam,Megan and Peter taking up the forward responsibilities.

The Og's performed brilliantly from goalkeeper to the forward line against a physically bigger team and it was great to see the Og's come away with a deserved 1-0 victory with a goal from Pearse.

Our third match was a again against St John's. Sophia was now given responsibility for nets and Conor and Oran retained their defensive duties. Unfortunately Charlie who had taken a knock in the previous match retired to a birthday party in the leisure centre (hope he enjoyed his party bag) so the midfield was now Pearse, Conlan and Megan and our forward line rotated between Emily,Peter,David and Liam.

This was the Og's best performance on the day as they had the majority of the possession and came away easy victors with 3 scores from the stick of Pearse.

It was great to see the improvement of the team and it must be mentioned that some of the players had just played gaelic  and soccer matches previous to these games. Also some of the players are only P2 and P1 and therefore to be able to compete at this level is great for the future of the clubs hurling team.

I would again like to thank South Antrim for organising the event and  all our players parents for attending the event and their vocal support and for once the games were blessed with great weather. Roll on the next series of games in 2 weeks time.

Og's:  Charlie, Conlan,Conor, David, Emily, Liam, Megan, Oran, Pearse, Peter, Sophia


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