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Lamh Dhearg U8 Blitz

16/05/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Please find short  report on Lamh dhearg blitz

Venue: Lamh Dhearg

Date: 16th May 2012

U6 and U8 Hurling Blitz at Lamh Dhearg

Eire Og's U6 and U8 hurlers were invited to play in a series of games at Lamh Dhearg's newly opened "3G" pitches. As well as the hosts and ourselves, Saint Brigid's made up a trio of teams.

Our U6's and U8's ( 2 x U8 teams) played matches on adjacent pitches and the games were very close and competitive. All the players seemed to enjoy the whole experience, especially those who were playing their first competitive games.

Firstly I would like to thank Peter (Lamh Dhearg) for organising the blitz at very short notice and also John (St Brigid's) for bringing along his team as well.

As usual I would like to thank our parental support which seems to be increasing at every event and of course our young players who entertained us with their hurling skills. It was great to see the large number of players not only for Eire Og but also the other competing teams and the future is bright for Eire Og hurling looking at their performances.

The Og's:  Aaron Jones  Adam McCabe  Aidan Bacon  Caolan McGahan Jennings  Charlie O'Kane  Conlan Baird

Conor Connolly  Gerard Whelan   Joseph Symth  Liam Grant Luke McGahan Jennings  Oran Grant

Pearce Short   Pearse Hamill  Peter McLean  Sebastyn McVeigh  Sophia Erskine

Zach Watson    Zack Kane


Eire Og v St Enda's

06/05/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

U8 Hurling Blitz - Venue: Saint Enda's Glengormley - Date: 6th May 2012

Eire Og's U8 and U10 teams were invited to Saint Enda's pitch opening blitz, but unfortunately due to the holidays we were only able to field our U8 team.

Eire Og 2:2 Saint Enda's 0

Diarmaid and Jack had arrived for the U10 blitz and we were given the go ahead from the organisers for them to play. Diarmaid took up defensive duties along with Conlan and David was between the posts in nets. Our midfielders were the two Pearc(s)es aided by Oran and Jack and Conor played up front.

The Og's started the brighter and had the majority of the possession with our midfielders lifting the ball at every opportunity and went close with some long range striking of the sliotar.

Our backline and David in nets were virtual spectators but again the Og's found it hard to score and it was late in the game when Pearse H scored his first goal. This seemed to up the Og's work rate and Saint Enda's found it hard to clear their lines resulting in Pearse H getting his second goal.

The Og's were now totally dominant in the Saint Enda's half and Pearse H scored a great point from distance. Our forward line of Jack and Conor had their chances but again they went the wrong side of the posts. Pearse H rounded off our scoring when he converted a free won by himself and he told me there was definitely contact this time!!

The only other team to have U8's was Ruairi Og's Cushendall and the second scheduled match was against the hosts. Unfortunately due to time restrictions (Football Blitz) Cushendall had to fulfil an U10 game and we played Saint Enda's for a second time.

Eire Og 0 Saint Enda's 0

Darragh had also arrived at this stage and again the organisers allowed him to play. Both Darragh and Diarmaid as well as Conor played in front of our new keeper Conlan. The two Pearc(s)es and Oran retained their midfield roles with Jack, David and Liam occupying forward positions.

This was an exciting match and again the Og's had the majority of the possession but like the previous day at Musgrave we could not convert this dominance to scores. The two Pearc(s)es together with Diarmaid and Darragh lead by example striking the ball from their hand and at times introduced the skill of the hand pass. There was also some great examples of blocking, hooking and soloing from the youngsters but unfortunately our efforts were not rewarded with scores and the match ended scoreless. Before the match finished Darragh replaced Conlan in nets. It must also be mentioned that our opponents played a lot better in this game and it was much more physical in nature.

Thanks:  After the game our players and parents were invited into the club house where we received tea / coffee, sandwiches etc and the players received party bags and I would personally like to thank all the Saint Enda's mentors for their generosity it what was a great occasion for their club. I would also like to thank our parents for their support from the sidelines and of course the players for putting on a great spectacle of hurling.

Ogs:  Conlan  Conor  Darragh  David  Diarmaid  Jack  Liam  Oran  Pearce S  Pearse H


Eire Og v St Brigids

05/05/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

U8 Challenge Match v Saint Brigid's

Venue: Musgrave Park

Date: 5th May 2012

Eire Og's U8 team were invited to a challenge match against Saint Brigid's at Musgrave Park. The format was to be 3 x 15 minute games under Go Game Rules.


MATCH 1:  Eire Og 1 Saint Brigid's 2

The Og's lined out with Conor C on his match debut doing nets, with Conlan, Oran and Megan helping him in defence. Eire Og had a quartet of midfielders and these included the two Pearc(s)es, Conor E and Carla with Luke Zach and Liam occupying the forward slots.

Saint Brigid's started the livelier and their pressure resulted in an early goal. Although Conor C made some excellent saves the Saint Brid's forward line kept the sliotar around our net and they got a second goal in quick succession. Our midfield however, were now beginning to help our back line and the Og's started to get possession of the sliotar themselves. Pearse H got a consolation goal.


MATCH 2 : Eire Og 1 Saint Brigid's 2

Conor C was rewarded for his heroics in nets by replacing Luke up front and this was only the change to our formation for the second match. The game followed the same fashion as the first with Eire Og having the majority of the possession but not being able to convert this  to scores, whereas Saint Brigid's seemed to have a sharp eye for goal again scoring 2 great goals.

In the 15 minutes of the game there were narrow misses from both Pearc(s)es, Carla, and our forwards Conor C, Zach and Liam but it was great to see Conor E getting on the score sheets for the Og's.


MATCH 3 : Eire Og 2 Saint Brigid's 4

For the third match Ciaran again changed our formation with Conlan now taking up goalkeeping duties . Our back line was now Conor C , Oran and Carla. Megan now moved forward to a midfield position and helped the two Pearc(s)es and Conor E. Again Liam, Zach and Luke patrolled the forward lines.

Although the score sheet would not agree this was our best performance of the day. Conlan was able to get great distances from his puck outs and this helped our defenders. Our midfielders were now getting on top and this resulted in two great strikes from Pearse H. It wasn't Pearse's day when another 2 of his pull's of the sliotar hit both uprights. Our midfielders and forwards had numerous chances that went agonisingly wide as well as several goal line scrambles, but unfortunately the score board shows the 4 goals that Saint Brigid's scored and at times the game of hurling can be cruel. In reflection over the three games there was little to choose between the teams and on another day our score sheet could have significantly risen. MORE TARGET PRACTICE AT TRAINING !!

I would like to thank John Duffy for inviting us to field a team today and it was great to see all the parents from both teams on the sidelines which I hope made if a special occasion for all the players involved. I would also like to thank all the players for performing brilliantly on the day.  Lastly I would like to mention the high standard of refereeing from Sean Murray Lopez who let the game flow without the need to blow his whistle. I think many a Senior Referee could learn from this young whistler.

The Og's:  Carla  Conlan  Conor C  Conor E  Liam  Luke  Megan  Oran  Pearce S  Pearse H  &  Zach


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