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U8 Friendly Match v St Teresa's

30/08/2012Posted by Ciaran Grant

Eire Og's U8 hurlers were invited to St Teresa's for a friendly match. Three games of ground hurling, lasting 10 minutes each, were played under Go Games rules. The matches were very competitive and the Ogs came away with victories in each of the three games. There were good performances all round with Pearse, Aodhan and Conor E getting the majority of the scores, with Pearse scoring a goal direct from a sideline in the final match. There was also the opportunity for our youngest players, Liam and Alannah, to get some valuable game experience.

Eire Og - Zach K, Pearse, Conor E, Aodhan, Oran, Conlan  Conor C, Carla, Sophia, David, Liam, Alannah

I would like to thank St Teresa's for the invitation and the parents who cheered on the Ogs from the sidelines.


Sarsfields Blitz

25/08/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Eire Og's U6 and 8 players were invited to a unique blitz representing both the hurling and football codes. The other teams participating were the hosts Sarsfields, Saint Brigid's, Gort Na Mona and Saint Paul's.

The Og's numbers were fantastic and it was great to see footballers donning hurling helmets and hurlers " kicking the big ball". All the games were played in the proper manner and it was rewarding to see the different skills from both codes evident on the pitch. At the final whistle our  players had played 8 games and they all looked exhausted!!

I would like to thank Gareth for inviting us to the blitz and our club  mentors Ciaran G, Tara, David, Jackie, Nuala, Ciaran McG, Greg and Sean for looking after all the teams. Our Parental and family support were on  the sidelines again in great numbers and some of them were leaving the pitch to take part in a "Bag Pack" for the Club. Finally I would like to thank our players for actively participating in the blitz especially those  players who were playing each code for the first but hopefully not the last time.

The Og's:

** Under-8 **

Alannah  Aodhan  Caolan  Caroline  Conlan  Conor  David  Eve  Gerard  Jack  Jude  Katie  Oran  Pearse  Sophia

** Under-6 **

Alannah B  Ava  Callum  Cormac  Darragh  Liam  Luke  Peter


Challenge Games: Gort na mona and Naoimh Brid

22/08/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Our U8 hurlers were invited to play in a series of challenge games against Gort Na Mona and Saint Brigid's. Since the Gort's had enough for 2 teams we were able to get 3 matches each lasting 15 minutes.

The skill levels of all the teams involved were very high and Gerard, Jack, Pearse and Sophia all got scores during the games. Gerard also scored a great goal from the Poc outs but unfortunately this could not count under the Go Game Rules.

All our players adapted brilliantly to the changes in positions and they all tried to lift the sliotar and strike from the hand were possible. Carla took pressurising the goal keeper to a new extreme and David and Oran had numerous chances which went narrowly wide. It must also be mentioned that our U6 players Liam and Peter competed brilliantly during the games.

The Og's after the 3 games came away with a record of 2 Wins and 1 Loss.

I would like to thank Micky and Rab for inviting us to these challenge games. I would also like to thank John and Frank for bringing their team along as well. As usual I would like to thank our players parents and family for attending the games and their vocal support. Finally I would like to thank our youngest players for putting on such a great display of hurling.

Well done the Og's:  Carla  David  Gerard  Jack  Liam  Oran  Pearse  Peter  Sophia


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