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Pat Rice Tournament

23/02/2013Posted by Ciaran Grant

Venue: Falls Leisure Centre

Date: 23rd Feb 2013

The annual Pat Rice tournament kicked off at the Falls Leisure Centre. Eire Og had a good number of children involved with 10 players in the squad. Unfortunately, St Brigids and St Pauls 2 were unable to field teams so there were only 2 tournament games for the Ogs to play. These matches were against St Pauls 1 and Lamh Dhearg and despite strong displays from Eire Og the outcome was two defeats. St Pauls 1 and Lamh Dhearg played out a high scoring draw in the other match.
Eire Og squad: Charlie, Conlan, Conor, David, Liam, Pearse, Peter, Sophia, Zach K, Zach W

P1/P2 Pat Rice Friendly Matches

16/02/2013Posted by Ciaran Grant

Venue: Falls Leisure Centre

Date: 16th February 2013

The first weekend of the annual Pat Rice tournament was set aside for our youngest players to get a chance to play some friendly matches. Unfortunately St Enda's were the only other team to turn up so Eire Og played a short series of games against them. There were good performances from the P2 Ogs - Alannah, Daniel, Luke and Liam G. They were backed up by some of our new P1 recruits - Zach, Oisin and Liam D. These three, plus Daniel, were playing for Eire Og for the first time and we look forward to seeing them play many more times in the future.

Shield winners at Éire Óg hurling tournament

21/10/2012Posted by Ciaran Grant

Éire Óg Tournament

Venue: Harlequins

Date: 21st October 2012

The U8 hurlers competed in the Éire Óg Tournament at Harlequins Rugby grounds today. The other clubs competing were St Brigids, Lamh Dhearg, St Johns and St Endas A & B.

The teams were divided into two groups and Éire Óg had to face St Endas A and St Johns. These teams were the two who went on to contest the final and were able to show their skill and strength in victories over the Ógs.
The defeats meant that Éire Óg did not reach the semi-finals. However, the consolation for our young hurlers was that they instead competed in the Shield final were they faced St Endas B.

The final was a very exciting, tense contest. The Ógs had the majority of possession and chances but the only reward in the first half was a goal from Pearse to give them a slender lead. It was much the same story in the second half with the Ógs dominating possession but failing to convert this into scores. Nearing full-time St Endas scored two goals in quick succession to grab the lead. However, there was still time for Pearse to hit the post and the crossbar. It seemed that luck was against the young Ógs, but Pearse managed to strike the the rebound from the crossbar into the net for the equaliser. This should have been enough for Éire Óg to win on the '65 rule' but the referee, unaware of the rule, decided to play on to see who would score next. Again, Éire Óg were on top and Pearse and Zach had chances but some tenacious defending by St Endas kept them out. St Endas had chances of their own but Oran and David defended these situations brilliantly, ably backed up by our midfield dynamo, Sophia, who worked relentlessly and unselfishly all over the field. Ten minutes later and with both teams nearly out on their feet the referee called time and Éire Óg were awarded the Shield as they had won two '65s' to St Endas none.

The Ógs had saved their best for the last game and there were immense performances all over the pitch. In fairness, they deserved to win this game and with a bit more luck would have won comfortably and not had to rely on the '65' rule. However, the young Ógs were not unduly concerned when team captain, Pearse, stepped forward to receive the Shield and the rest of the players received their medals.

It must also be noted that for Oran, Conlan, Pearse and Zach this final was their 11th game of hurling this weekend after playing in the Go Games at Andersonstown Leisure Centre and in the SW P3/P4 championship the previous day. Hopefully, the medals won today will erase the disappointing memories of coming so close to victory in yesterdays championship. Also, well done to our younger, less experienced players Meabh, Liam and Alannah who backed up the more established players when called upon.

In the autumn sunshine Éire Óg's U8s got their reward for all their hard work over the many games they have played this year. Today they were spurred on from the sidelines by a large and very vocal crowd of supporters, so thanks to all the family and friends who cheered them on and encouraged them from the first whistle to the last. I am sure they are all very proud of the kids efforts today. Also, thanks to Gavin and Tara for their assistance today and thanks to everyone at Éire Óg and St Brigids for organising today's tournament.

Éire Óg squad: Oran, Conlan, David, Pearse, Sophia, Zach, Meabh, Liam, Alannah

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