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S Antrim P4 Go Games

10/05/2014Posted by Gavin Kane

Primary 4 Games

Date: 10th May 2014

Venue: Lamh Dhearg

Brid Og's P4/3 hurlers took part in the P4 games which were hotsed by Lamh Dhearg. As the usual the weather did not disappoint and brought all 4 seasons in one day, unfortunately the prevailing season was winter. There were sufficient numbers to field 2 teams of 6 and with a few late arrivals the teams were bolstered by some subs. The teams were split between P4 and P3

The P4 team’s first game was against Rossa and this was a thrilling match throughout with both teams evenly matched in terms of skill and speed. There was some great defence and marking by both sides. The Rossa team scored early in the game, but it did not take long for the Brid Og team to respond and Zack managed to score with a convincing strike. The final result was a 1-1 draw.

Next Brid Og faced St. Galls and again this was a closely fought affair with some great powerful strikes from both sets of hurlers. Brid Og took an early lead when young Liam managed to get the ball over the line despite a lot of traffic in front of the goal. St. Galls saw the danger and responded with a goal. Again the game finished with a draw 1 – 1.

The third game was against Sarsfields. There have been many games against this team in recent times and there is a healthy spirit of competition. The game was fast and physical with both teams showing great skill throughout. In the end the Brid Og team managed the closest of victories with a 2-1 win.

Our next game was against host club Lamh Dhearg. The Brid Og team got off to a flyer with 3 goals in quick succession, including a score from a sideline ball by Zack. James and Jack also managed to break through defence and help the team to an impressive victory. The game ended 3-1.

Our final game was against Gort Na Mona and the goal keeper and backs were virtual spectators in this game. Brid Og dominated in this game with the ball rarely crossing the half way line. James, Liam and Jack all scored in this game which ended 3-0. The team hurled brilliantly today in some very difficult conditions. All players should be proud of their performance and remember that it takes a team to win a game not just those players who manage to score. This was an impressive set of results against some great opponents. Thanks I would like to thank Tara and Mark for helping with the teams.

Thanks to Darren for refereeing all of the games, even though he only came to deliver and collect the kit. His commitment is unending. Thanks to Kieran for organising the games and to the players and their parents for participating.

The P3s played St Agnes, Ardoyne and Gortnamona. Despite the rain the Brid Og players showed determination and team spirit throughout. Alannah, Jack, James, Connor, Darragh, & James took it in turn as St Agnes only had 5 players to line out. They conceded a goal when Connor stopped to tie his lace leaving Alannah alone in defence, however the Ogs won by 3 goals.

Alannah remained on the sideline for the 2nd match allowing all 5 boys to stay on against Ardoyne. This match the boys found harder as the Ardoyne boys were taller and could cover more ground but despite Ardoyne scoring 2 the Ogs again won by 2 goals.

The last match was the longest and the best. The 6 were joined by Corey making it 7. This match showed the Ogs skills off, with the kids showing they are thinking players; passing the ball, using space, marking and doing the job they were given. Gortnamona did score several goals but it was the Ogs day today and they steamed ahead in the end they scored 8 goals.

Thanks to Frank for his encouragement from the sidelines and the dad who shared his umbrella with team!

Brid Og Panel:

P4s - Oisin, Darragh, James, Liam, Zack, Peter, Saoirse

P3s - Alannah, Jack, James, Connor, Darragh, James S 

Onwards and Upwards! Brid Og Abu!

S Antrim P4 Go Games

12/04/2014Posted by Ciaran Grant

P4 Go Games
Date: 12th April 2014
Venue: Lamh Dhearg
Brid Og played in the P4 Go Games at Lamh Dhearg. Although most of Belfast had a sunny day, the weather being as it is up on Hannahstown Hill meant there was a torrential downpour during the matches. Though players, mentors and spectators were soaked, this didn’t dampen the Og’s spirit as they performed very well on the day.
Both Brid Og teams played against Lamh Dhearg and St Pauls. The first team also played against Davitt’s and the second team had another match against St Enda’s.
The teams were mixed ability and age-wise for the games against Lamh Dhearg and both teams were victorious against the host club. James S scored twice and Jack added another in a 3-1 win. The other team recorded an impressive 6-1 win, with Donncha scoring 3 (including a great strike on the double), Liam 2 and Conor the other goal.
For the other games one team was made up of P4s, with the P3s and P2s in the other team. Both teams also beat St Pauls. The P5 won 5-1 with Zack getting a hat-trick and Matthew adding the other 2 goals. James S and James K both scored twice for the P3/P2 team in a 4-1 win in their match with St Pauls.
Zack scored again as the P4s drew 1-1 in a very competitive game against Davitts. The P3/P2’s other match was against St Enda’s. From the start the Ogs peppered the St Endas goal, but the ball would not go into the net. As the game entered the last couple of minutes, St Endas took the lead against the run of play with a rare break forward. It looked like Brid Og were somehow going to lose a game they had totally dominated. However, the continued to attack St Endas and Liam grabbed an equaliser. There was still time to keep the pressure on their opponents and enough time for Liam to score another couple of goals and get a hat-trick with the final score being Brid Og 3 St Endas 1.
Overall, there were good performances from all the Brid Og players and there were plenty goals and goalscorers. Thanks to Kieran for organising the games. Also, thanks to John & Gavin for their help with the teams today and to the parents who braved the rain shower to cheer on our players.
Brid Og: Jack, Mael, Matthew, Saoirse, Zack (P4s), Conor, Donncha, James K, James S, Liam (P3/P2)

S Antrim P4 Go Games

29/03/2014Posted by Ciaran Grant

P4 South Antrim Go Games

Venue: Colin Valley

Date: 29th March 2014

There was a great turnout of kids today so Brid Og were able to field 2 teams at the P4 games at Colin Valley. One of our teams consisted of P4s plus 1 P3 in James S and the second team was made up of P3s and P2s

The P4 team were in scintillating form. They opened up with a 5-0 wins over Rossa and that was as close as anyone got to the Ogs today. Large victories over Ard Eoin, Gort Na Mona and St Agnes followed. At the end of the 4 games
Brid Og had racked up about 25 goals and had not conceded any. Zack and Jack were the main scorers, but all the players scored at some stage. Zack must have been watching Wayne Rooney as a couple of his strikes flew in from

The younger team started with a defeat against Rossa, but rebounded well by beating the second teams from Ard Eoin and Gort Na Mona. A special mention to young Corey who was making his debut today


I would like to thank Kieran for organising these games. Thanks to Tara and Mark for looking after the P3 team and to Gavin for his help with the P4s. Also, thanks for support from our players parents.

Brid Og Panel: Alannah, Conor, Dara, Donncha, Fionntan, Jack, James B, James S, Liam, Oisin, Rory, Saoirse, Zack

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