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Under 12's Hurling


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Match Reports

South Antrim League

23/06/2014Posted by Darren Hamill

U12 South Antrim League v Davitts

Venue Boucher Road Pitches

Date 23rd June 2014

Brid Og's U12 hurlers got back to winning ways with a high scoring victory against the Davitts. It was great to see Daire and Luke getting their first goals in a competitive game and Andrew(2:0) , Brendan(2:0), Connla(3:1) , Dylan(0:1) and Sean(3:6) continuing their fine scoring record for the season.

 It must also be mentioned that our defence is playing with a lot of confidence as well with Joe being protected brilliantly by Diarmaid, Gerard, both Jacks, Paudraig and Shane and we were able to get our first clean sheet in the league with the final score Brid Og 12:8 Davitts 0:0

As with previous league games this match was restricted to 13 a side so there were a lot of changes to give all the players ample game time and we tried to rotate the players positions as well. Special mention to Oisin and Daire who volunteered to replace Joe in nets during the second half.


Thanks to John and Gerard for helping with the warm up drills together with the team selection. Thanks to the large support from the sideline and I hope they see how well the team is progressing through the season. Finally well done to the players were hurled brilliantly and hopefully we can continue this fine form for our next league game against Lamh dhearg and challenge game v Sean Traceys Lurgan.

Brid Og Panel

Andrew, Brendan, Connla, Daire, Diarmaid, Dylan, Gerard, Jack C, Jack D, 

Joe, Luke, Niall, Oisin, Owen, Paudraig, Pearse, Shane, Sean

Challenge Match v Bredagh

19/06/2014Posted by Darren Hamill

U12 Challenge game v Bredagh

Venue : Musgrave

Date: 19th June 2014

Brid Og's U12s continued their challenge games with a quickly arrange game against county Down side Bredagh. Both sides agreed to play full rules and 15 a side on the full pitch and the game was played in glorious conditions.

The match itself was exactly what this team needed as our skilful opponents were ready for a physical contest as well. The Ogs seemed to dominate the early part of the first half when both Tiorealach and Sean getting points to take the lead but close to half time Bredagh started to build up some momentum and got a goal to take the lead at half time.

Both teams then agreed that we would increase the half backs and forwards by a player each so we were now playing 17 a side. In fairness there was still enough room for both sides to show their skills and early on our opponents furthered their lead with a point. The Og's in a later attack scored a great point from distance but unfortunately Bredagh worked the sliotar down the pitch again and got another major score from a pull on the ground which hit the back of the net. This was the end of the scoring but it does not tell the full story as the Og's found the Bredagh keeper in fantastic form as he produced at least 3 point blank saves. There was also the incident were the ref would have needed a "Russian linesman" as a well taken move between Sean and Connla resulted in the sliotar crashing against the underside of the bar hitting the ground and bouncing out. All the Og's protested for the score but we would have needed hawkeye and a panel of experts to clarify the situation. In the end the final whistle was blown with the score Bredagh 2:1 Brid Og 0:3.


I would like to thank Liam and Lorenzo for bringing their team across town at such short notice and to Lorenzo for refereeing the first half. Thanks to both Johns and Gerard for helping with the team and to our parents and family for their vocal support. Finally well done to our players who competed well against an excellent well drilled team. Again they have shown that they can compete not only against the best teams in Belfast and Antrim but County Down as well. This game will most definitely help with our future games in the league

Brid Og Panel

Andrew, Brendan, Ciara, Connla, Daire, Diarmaid, Dylan, Fintan, Gerard, Jack C, Jack D, 

Joe, Luke, Niall, Paudraig, Pearse, Sean, Shane, Tiorealach

South Antrim League

16/06/2014Posted by Darren Hamill

U12 South Antrim League v O'Donnells
Venue : Musgrave Park
Date: 16th June 2014

Brid Og continued their fine form with a high scoring victory against O'Donnells at Musgrave with the final score Brid Og 8:7 to O'Donnells 2:2. As the game was played in glorious sunshine both sides agreed to play 2 x 10 minute slots with the final third being the normal 20 minutes to give the players plenty of breaks.

The Ogs played some great attacking hurling as the high scoring shows and they were backed up with an excellent defensive display by our back lines. The game was played on the smaller training pitch so we were restricted to a 13 a side game. The Og's numbers were excellent again but this resulted in a lot of changes to ensure all the players got adequate game time. Hopefully we can continue this fine form into our next league game against Davitts and the several arranged challenge matches in the near future.

Brid Og Panel: Andrew, Brendan, Connla, Daire, Diarmaid, Dylan, Fintan, Gerard, Jack C, Jack D, Joe, JP, Luke,
Niall, Owen, Paudraig, Sean, Tiorealach

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