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Under 10's Hurling


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Match Reports

Nuala Vallely Memorial Camogie Tournament

01/11/2014Posted by Tara Baird

Date: Sat 1st Nov

Venue: Gort Na Mona

Eire Og attended an u10 camogie blitz today hosted by Gortnamona held in memory of Nuala Vallely.

Thanks to a Go Games structure the girls all came away with their first camogie medal. They played brilliantly despite being a young side, showing off their hooks, blocks and dribbling skills. Two boys helped to bolster our team as due to half term only 6 girls were available. 
Gortnamona 2 - Eire Og 2 
Rossa 0 - Eire Og 3
St. John's 0 - Eire Og 5
St Paul's 0 - Eire Og 6
Lamh Dhearg 1 - EO 4

Well done to all the girls: Saoirse, Mya, Caragh, Emma, Laura, Alannah (and thanks to the boys who also played)

Thanks also to those parents who supported us and Danielle for inviting us (Gortnamona).
The coaches: Stephen, Kevin and Tara

SW Cup Games

06/09/2014Posted by Ga


Venue: St Marys Ahoghill

Date: 06/09/14

Event: South West Cup Games

Eire Og were invited to play in the South West P5/6 Championship. 7 teams participated including Eire Og, these were Creggan, Moneyglass, Loch Mor Gaels, Ballymena, Rasharkin, and host club St. Marys Ahoghill.

The teams were split into 2 groups with the top two in each group going through to the finals. Our first game involved a game against Rasharkin. As Rasharkin only had 4 players, young Jack volunteered to play for our opponents. This game was a very one sided affair as the Eire Og team quickly found their form and went on a goal frenzy with David, Pearse and Zack continually pressurising the Rasharkin back line and goalkeeper (our own Jack). It must be mentioned that Pearse managed a fantastic point from a side-line ball. The game finished Eire Og 5-2 Rasharkin 1-0. During the break our players were reminded that this win should not provide them with a fall sense of security as we were to face much stiffer opposition.

Our second game involved a spectacular game against St Marys. Both teams were evenly matched in terms of skill and ability. Due to the restricted size of the pitch and the goals, we registered a significant number of wides. It had been agreed at the outset that 65’s would be counted in order to counter the likelihood that 2 teams were to draw. St Marys were the first to register a 65 in this game which technically placed them ahead. Our forwards and backs, with long range shots, pummelled the St Marys back line but could not get the ball over or under the bar. We eventually managed to draw even with a 65 off our own. However in the dying minutes of the game the St Marys forward line breached our defences and scored a goal. The game finished Eire Og 0-0 St Marys 1-0.

Our third encounter involved a match with Moneyglass. This game was played on a larger pitch with larger goals and it took our players a while to become accustomed to this. Moneyglass got off to a cracking start with 3 goals in quick succession. In fairness our players managed to keep their chins up and after some quick positional changes we managed to score 2 goals. Zack even managed to achieve his ambition of breaking a hurl during a game.  Moneyglass simply proved too strong and the game finished Eire Og 2-0 Moneyglass 4-0.

After quick consultation with the organisers it was confirmed that we would not progress through to the finals. It was agreed that an ‘unofficial shield play off’ would be organised. This involved encounters with Rasharkin and Ballymena. This time Conlan agreed to play for Rasharkin. This game was a much tighter affair than our first encounter and after a wobbly start our players soon found their stride and  managed to register some scores. This game finished Eire Og 2-1 Rasharkin 2-0. The final game saw us face Ballymena. It was agreed that the 4 Rasharkin players would be split between Eire Og and Ballymena, to prevent players from standing on the side lines. Big John and Little John agreed to play for Eire Og. This was a fast paced game and at times a little fractious with players on both sides letting their tempers get the better of them. The game ended Eire Og 2-1 Ballymena 1-0. In my mind this makes Eire Og the winners of the ‘unofficial shield play off’ (even if there was no shield available).

This was another great days hurling from this young team and everyone should be proud of their performances on the day. Conlan and Gerard played brilliantly in their usual defensive positions. Pearse hurled brilliantly also and played in numerous positions. Saoirse and Jack put in great shifts up front and continually moved the ball on and Zack and David did a great job in their midfield area.

Thanks to Tom for inviting us to the games. Thanks to Gerard, John, Craig and Saoirse's Mum for travelling to the venue. Most of all thanks to the team – well done on another great performance.  

Eire Og Panel: Pearse, Jack. Saoirse, Conlan, Zack, David, Gerard


Falls Park League

17/08/2014Posted by Darren Hamill

P6 South Antrim Blitz

Venue: Falls Park

Date: 17th August 2014

A busy schedule for our P6 hurlers continued with the return of the South Antrim blitz at the Falls Park. Unfortunately our numbers were down on the previous day and we were only able to field 5 players but confidence was high as 4 of them had played regularly on our U12 league campaign together with young Anna.

Our first game was against Saint Galls and they give us 2 players due to our low numbers. The game itself was the classic game of two halves as there was a very strong wind blowing straight down the pitch. In the first half we tried to keep the sliotar low and the Galls got some get scores. At half time the players were told to put the Gall's under pressure especially the poc outs and their heroics were rewarded with Scores from Fintan, Niall and Shane and we took the victory in a high scoring game.

Our second game was against Sarsfields and the kids now had rain as well as the strong wind to contend with. The Og's again played against the wind in the first half and Pearse had some difficulty getting distance with his poc outs with Sarsfields getting a goal and a point. Credit to the team however as they were able to get 2 points before half time both scored by Shane. The team were reminded that with the wind we could score from distance but it was great to see the link up play between Fintan, Niall and Shane whose stick passing and hand passing were excellent and they were rewarded with several scores each with the Og's for a second time turning the scoring around in the second half. Credit has also to go to young Anna who played brilliantly at backs and cleared her lines on several occasions.

Our final game was against Loch Mor dal gcais and we were given 2 players this time. It was agreed to try and even up the conditions so after a score the sliotar would be thrown in again in the middle of the pitch, although this did at times disrupt the flow of the game. Again we went into half time showing a deficit but with the wind behind them in the second half  Fintan, Niall, Pearse and Shane all got scores. Anna played brilliantly in her favoured defending role and played her part in all of our 3 victories today.


Thanks to Tommy for organising these games which have been great for developing our players. Thanks to John for sorting the team and our players parents and family for their vocal support. Finally well done to our players who hurled brilliantly in such awful conditions.

Brid Og Panel: Anna, Fintan, Niall, Pearse, Shane

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