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Camogie Blitz

10/01/2015Posted by Tara Baird


Saturday 10th January

Eire Og played their first camogie blitz of the year at Hannahstown Hall. As we have not had a training session since before Christmas we were unsure how the girls would play, but they played brilliantly throughout, winning half of their matches. All the girls got a go in each position encouraged by Kevin from the sideline.

They played Rossa first but weren't quite in their stride and lost. Next we played a bigger Lamb Dhearg side and although Lamb Dhearg won in the end it was a great match and all the girls played brilliantly. Next was Loch Mor and Gort Na Mona and by now the girls were in their stride and won both matches.

Thanks to those who organised the blitz, to parents who brought their girls and to the girls themselves. Looking forward to more camogie matches in 2015 and well done to all the girls in pink helmets: Saoirse, Alannah, Cara, Laura, Aoife, Emma, Mia



P6 Go Games

06/12/2014Posted by Gavin Kane


P6 Go Games

Venue: Andersonstown Leisure Centre

The Brid Og P5/6 hurlers took part in the indoor games at Andersonstown Leisure Centre. The games were 6 a side 8 minute games and were initially scheduled as ground rules format. However all teams agreed to play full rules which meant that the format was changed much to the delight of the young hurlers.

The schedule showed games against: St Galls, Rossa, Davitts, Sarsfields, Carryduff,  

Brid Og had sufficient players to enter 2 teams at the event which would mean 7 games in total. The team hurled brilliantly and managed to secure 7 straight victories on the day. The players demonstrated great skill throughout and showed great defensive and attack play. The players were rotated throughout the games and all shone in their own way. Each and every payer gave 100% today and showed that they can play in any position and face any opposition with confidence and enthusiasm.

It was great to see this young team play as a cohesive unit and they were complimented by many coaches from other teams for their skill levels and teamwork. It was also great to see some new faces with James and Thomas making their debut.   Thanks to Kieran for organising the games, these are invaluable over the winter months. Thanks to the parents for bringing the players to the event. Thanks to Darren, Tara and John for helping with the team. The biggest thanks must to the players for their effort today, they should be proud of their performance and you never know Santa might even reward them with another present. Well done all of the coaches and parents are proud of your efforts.

Team: Pearse, Eoin, David, Anna, Zack, Conlan, Niall, Thomas, James, Jack


Friendlies at St Johns

09/11/2014Posted by Gavin Kane


Date: 09/11/14

Venue: St Johns

Brid Og were invited to play at St John’s new indoor 3g facility.  We had 10 players available to St John’s 16. St John’s had split their teams into 2 teams of 7 with a few subs. This meant that the young Brid Og players would get plenty of game time.  Our first game involved an encounter with the older St Johns players and games were to be a straight 7 minutes without a break.

The older players in the Brid Og team were lined out in the first instance with a few of the younger players waiting patiently on the side lines. The Brid Og team got off to a breath taking start and their speed and skill took the St Johns players by surprise. The team played tactically and found the back of the goal 4 times in quick succession. The back line quickly repelled any St Johns advance and the midfield and forward players kept the St Johns defence under relentless pressure. The game finished Brig Og 4 St Johns 0.

The next game saw the two younger teams line out and this was a very closely matched affair. St Johns managed to score first. However the Brid Og team did not let this bother them and they quickly replied with a goal of their own. The game stayed at 1-1 for the remaining time and this was a fair refection on the efforts of both teams.

With 2 games played in quick succession against 2 sets of fresh legs it was agreed that the Brid Og team would take a break and let the St Johns teams play each other. After the break the older players in both teams lined out again. The St Johns mentors had now got a handle on the skill and pace of the Brig Og team and this reflected in their line out. Both teams displayed great skill and battled hard for the sliotar, the level score line at the final whistle was a fair result and reflection on the commitment shown by both teams.

The youngest players again lined out and played in what was another great game. This game some saw some great blocking skills on display and this enabled the Brig Og team to snatch a 3-1 victory.

The last game of the day was perhaps the best game with both teams wanting to finish the day with a victory. This game was fast and physical with a few players finding themselves with their back literally against the wall at times. Brid Og managed to hold their nerve and came away with a 4-3 win.

This was another great day which was enjoyed by all of the kids despite some bumps and bruises. It was a great opportunity to play at this new facility and thanks must be offered to St Johns for the invite to the venue. We wish them best of the luck with the facility and were delighted to receive an invitation to return. Thanks to Darren for helping with the team and for refereeing again (he loves it really). Thanks to the parents for bringing the players along to the venue. Most of all thanks to the team they showed great skill and discipline today and should be proud of their performance.

Team: Pearse, Niall, Zack, Jack, David, Adam, Anna, Boutros, Ruairi, Darragh


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