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P5 Summer Hurling Blitz

18/06/2011Posted by Darren Hamill

Éire Og hosted their Belfast City Council supported P5 Summer Blitz at Woodlands playing pitches on Saturday 18th June 2011.

The teams that participated were a mixture of city and country teams:

Éire Óg

Ardoyne Kickhams

Lamh Dhearg

Saint Comgall's Antrim

Saint Enda's

Luckily the tournament was blessed with almost perfect weather conditions and I think we were all delighted that the tournament had not taken place 24 hours earlier.

The tournament started with the mentors and parents trying to sort out the Krypton Factor task that is the goal posts. Thanks must go to the football coaches and Ardoyne Mentor who helped construct the goals and line out the pitches.

Due to the odd number of teams it was decided to have a league based format with the top team winning the Cup and the second placed team being presented with the Shield. Over the 4 matches played the Ógs performed to a very high standard and they scored some fantastic points and goals from distance. A highlight of the day must go Ronan's side line cut goal, a difficult skill even for senior players!

It was great to see all the players improving their skill levels and adapting to the different positions they were asked to play in.

At the end of all the league matches the Ógs had won all their games and had only conceded one score and that in the dying seconds of their last game against St. Enda’s - a great statistic to have for any team. Saint Comgall's were rewarded for travelling the greatest distance by collecting the shield for second position.

I would now like to thank the people who made the event possible. Firstly all the players, coaches and parents from the other teams, Sean O’Neill (Chairman) and Ciaran McGarrity (Youth Officer) & Gerard for organising the event, and booking the pitches, mentors John, David, Gerard and Darren, Belfast City Council, Councillor Caoimhin Mac Giolla Mhin, Sainsbury's for supplying the lunches, Paul Doran for presenting the trophies and medals to the teams, David's sons Niall and Matthew for refereeing the matches, Jackie, Pauline, Nuala, Deborah, Donna and Caroline aided by young Eve, Peter and Sophia who made the sandwiches, sorted the lunches and made the teas and coffees for everyone, the football mentors and of course the players and the parents for not only going to the match on Saturday but also their continued support for training and blitzes throughout the year. Unfortunately young Adam who had hoped to be fit to play on Saturday had re-injured his foot. We all hope he gets well and back to training soon.

The day ended perfectly when the Antrim Senior hurling team defeated Westmeath at Casement Park and they have now set up a football and hurling double header at Casement next week-end for the kids to enjoy.

The Victorious Ógs

Andrew Mclean

Brendan Murray Lopez

Ciara Hamill

Connla McCarthy

Conor Erskine

Daniel McArdle

Darragh Doonan

Diarmaid Molloy

Dylan Doran

Pearse Hamill

Ronan Crossen

Sean Murray Lopez

Vincent Robinson


P5/P6 North Antrim Blitz

04/06/2011Posted by Ciara & Darren Hamill


Eire Og

Saint Enda's (A & B)

All Saints Ballymena

Saint Comgall's Antrim

Saint Mary's Rasharkin ( Did not play)

Sean Stinsons Ahoghill ( Did not play)

 On the 4th June 2011 our young hurlers took part in the second P5 / P6 blitz at Saint Comgall’s pitch in Antrim town. Unfortunately we got the news on Friday that young Adam had hurt his foot and would not be able to take part in the blitz. We all hope he gets well soon!

 Match No 1

Eire Og  v  Saint Endas ‘A’

Saint Enda's had 18 players (great credit to their team) and it was decided that they would field 2 teams. Our first match was against their ‘A’ team. A lot of the match occurred around the middle of the pitch and there was a great tussle between Ronan and Sean and the Enda's midfield pairing. This was our hardest match of the day and credit must go to Saint Enda's who pressurised for every ball. The Ogs back line of Ciara, Diarmaid  and Andrew were definitely the busiest on the pitch. Young Brendan played well in nets but was powerless against the goals. Our forwards of Conor, Darragh, Vinnie and Daniel tried their best but lack of possession in this area reduced their scoring capabilities.


Match No 2

Eire Og  v  Saint Comgall’s Antrim

The hosts had 13 players and it was decided to play young Pearse who had came prepared with helmet, boots and hurl. This meant that we had a 4 man midfield of Ronan, Sean, Brendan and Andrew. Again the majority of this game was played in middle of the pitch. Highlights of the match were the points from midfield from Ronan and Sean.  Darragh up front was now getting more possession than in the first match and scored a great point from one of his runs with the ball. Pearse the youngest player on the pitch showed great example when he pressurised the Saint Comgall's keeper won possession and had the skill and composure to fire the ball into the back of the net. Daniel was energetic as ever and chased every ball. Our defence of Ciara, Conor and Diarmuid were not as busy as in the first match and Vincent in nets was very comfortable and assured throughout. Mention has to go to the great goal scored by Saint Comgall's were the sliothar was volleyed into the back of the net. Due to the close proximity of the players it was great to see the introduction of the hand pass, a skill that had been practiced at training on Thursday by the midfield quartet.


Match No 3

Eire Og  v  All Saints Ballymena

All saints could only field 7 players so the pitch size was reduced. Although they had limited numbers their players were very physical and several duels popped up throughout the pitch especially with Diarmaid and Daniel pushing hard and contesting every encounter with the All Saint’s players. I am sure it was a great game for the neutral spectator. Eire Og scored some great points from both play and frees but "goals win matches" and Ballymena won the match with the only goal of the game.


Match No 4

Eire Og  v  Saint Enda's ‘B’

The Ogs put the disappointment of losing against All Saints behind them and put in their best performance of the day in their last game against Saint Enda's ‘B’ team. From the start the Ogs were fired up with the new midfield partnership of Conor and Sean finding a large amount of sliothar possession. Obviously Conor had been watching the Champions league final as he scored 2 great goals using his boot. He also proceeded to do a goal celebration Wayne Rooney would have been proud of! (Let’s see if he gets this year’s GOLDEN BOOT AWARD !) Darragh again scored a memorable goal and the front line of Daniel, Andrew and Pearse competed for every ball. The defense of Vincent, Ronan and Brendan were solid protecting Ciara in nets.

The Ogs

Andrew,  Brendan,  Ciara,  Conor,  Daniel,  Darragh,  Diarmuid,  Pearse,  Ronan,  Sean &  Vinnie.

All the kids, parents and spectators had a great day at the blitz. For once the weather was great and it was reassuring to see the improvement in the skills of all the players involved. Also – with the many substitutions made on the day it is noticeable that the children are able to adapt to the needs of playing in the different positions throughout the pitch.

Our thanks go to the organisers and mentors of St. Comgall’s club for a very enjoyable day out.



P5/P6 Blitz - Ballymena

21/05/2011Posted by Darren Hamill


Éire Óg, All Saints Ballymena , Saint Comgalls Antrim

The Ógs took part in the P5 / P6 North Antrim blitz at the All Saints pitch in Ballymena. Again the weather conditions were awful which probably resulted in the shortage of teams attending the blitz.


Match No 1

Eire Óg  v  All Saints

Although the rain fell constantly the standard of hurling was very high. There were some great scores from the midfield pairing of Ronan and Sean. The Éire Óg defence of Adam, Connla and Dylan held the All Saints team to a single point. Also the hard work and pressing of Andrew, Ciara, Daniel and Diarmuid allowed Darragh to find the room to score some great goals.

Between the matches Thomas McCann the south west hurling development officer put the young Ógs through a series of drills. These included soloing, roll lifts, jab lifts and shooting practice from various angles within the pitch.


Match No 2

Éire Óg  v  Saint Comgalls Antrim

By this stage there were a lot of very wet and cold players on the pitch. It was agreed that young Pearse who had been a would be allowed to play and was given a ‘marker’ from the All Saints team. The match was very tight but the Ógs won through with great determination and effort. The Saint Comgall’s keeper was in great form saving some powerful strikes from the Ógs midfield and forwards. Young Pearse also played a major part when he done a 360 degree pirouette that would have received a perfect 6.0 score !

The Ógs

Adam                      Andrew                 Brendan

Ciara                      Connla                  Daniel

Darragh                  Diarmuid                Dylan

Ronan                    Sean                     Young Pearse


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