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North Antrim Indoor League - Division 2 Final

11/02/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Venue: Seven Tower's Leisure Centre Ballymena

Éire Óg  1 - 2  Creggan Kickhams

Unfortunately Éire Óg failed at the final hurdle when they were defeated by Creggan Kickhams 2-1. Creggan had clearly been the best team that the Óg's had faced over the three week-ends of the competition and I feel that there was no disgrace in defeat as both teams had given everything on the pitch for their clubs.

The game itself was a very lively event with the sliothar being struck fiercely  at both ends of the pitch and must have been great viewing for the neutral spectator. After a very even first half Creggan went in to break with a 1-0 lead through a deflected goal.

The Óg's came out in the second half and got at their opponents from the throw in and this resulted in young Darragh scoring for the Og's. With Brendan putting in a Man of the Match performance in nets we thought that it would take a moment of brilliance for our goal to be breached again and unfortunately the young Creggan forward had the skill to make the space and find the back of the net for a second time.

Éire Óg hadn't got to the final through lack of determination and we all thought we had scored the equaliser, when Darragh blasted the sliothar into the back of the net only for the Referee to disallow it for encroachment into the semi-circle, to the disbelief of the large Éire Óg contingent. At the final whistle a relieved Creggan side came away with a narrow 2-1 victory.

I would like to remind the players, that it was a great feat for the club to get to the final of this tournament and they were the sole flag bearers for the Belfast Clubs. Over the three week-ends we have competed against and beaten teams from Belfast, South West and North Antrim and Counties Derry, Down and Tyrone. All the players played their part in the club progressing in this tournament and hopefully the team will gain from their experiences for future tournaments. I would also like to personally thank the players for enhancing the good name of Éire Óg.

Well Done Óg's !

Andrew   Brendan   Connla   Daniel   Darragh   Diarmaid   Eoin   Jack   Gerard   Sean


U10 North Antrim Indoor league

04/02/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Venue: Cross and Passion College, Ballycastle.

Eire Og's U10 hurling team were rewarded for their heroics in the previous preliminary round by being graded in Division 2. This was a great achievement for the young Og's as this was their first attempt in the competition. When the grading lists were completed the Og's were drawn against hurling teams of the highest pedigree from North Antrim, McQuillans, Ruairi Og's and Cuchullians, South West Antrim, Creggan, from County Derry, Eoghan Rua Coleraine and their name sake from County Tyrone, Eoghan Ruadh Dungannon. I must admit it was great to see the Eire Og name being mentioned in such company.


Eire Og 1 - 0 Eoghan Ruadh Dungannon

The first of the league matches was against Eoghan Ruadh Dungannon. This match was a very tight affair but we were able to get off to a flying start with a narrow 1-0 victory.

Eire Og 0 - 2 McQuillans

Our second match was against the hosts McQuillans. This was one of them easy to forget games as we had easily the majority of the possession but we weren't able to convert this into scores. The hosts however seemed to have only 2 attempts at goal and scored both of them.

Eire Og 7 - 6 Eoghan Rua

This game had everything and for those people lucky enough to have been there and seen it, it will be talked about for quite a while. With the player's heads down after their defeat to McQuillans the Og's went down to an early 3-0 deficit but this seemed to kick start the team into playing and we quickly recovered through some great long range striking to level the game 3-3.

The match then seemed to resemble a pin ball game with both sides scoring in quick succession until the final whistle blew at 7-6 to Eire Og. To be fair it was very hard on the young Coleraine team as like ourselves they had put everything into this game, but again it showed that this young Og's team, when pushed show the character to go far in this competition. There was also the drama of the penalty award to Coleraine and its subsequent miss. Still wondering why it was awarded !! LOL.

Eire Og 2 - 1 Cuchullians

Next in the firing line for the Og's was Cuchullians from Dunloy. Confidence in the team had grown from the previous game and right from the start the Og's were committed in their challenges for the ball. At the final whistle the Og's had recorded a great victory winning the match 2 to 1.

Eire Og 4 - 1 Ruairi Og

The young Og's were informed of the importance of this match and they were asked were they ready for the challenges that lay ahead. The mentors did not have long to wait for the teams response as from the first throw in for the game the Og's put in their best performance and always seemed to be first to the ball. This match also seemed to be the most controversial of the day but in the end I believe the team that played the game properly and skilfully won.

Eire Og 2 - 4 Creggan

Eire Og's last match was against a club that has offered us a lot of challenge matches over the last year Creggan Kickhams. On the day the Kickhams were clearly the most skilful team that the Og's had faced and they remained unbeaten throughout the series of games with a win record of 5 games and 1 drawn game. Based upon all the other matches played both the Ogs and Creggan knew they would top the table and go through to the finals. Wee Pearse stepped up and was the goalkeeper for this match where he performed very well.


I would also like to again mention that all the players on the panel have contributed in our successes over these league games and I would like to mention the debut goals scored by young Jack and Gerard who made the most of their time on the pitch.

I would also like to highlight again the commitment of our players parents who again had to travel large distances in awful weather conditions. I know that their vocal support was a great help in all the tight games and I hope they enjoyed the viewing gallery that this venue provided.

Finally I would like to highlight again of the pedigree of teams we have competed against over the last couple of weekends. We have played teams from North Antrim, South West Antrim, South Antrim (Belfast), County Derry, County Tyrone and County Down and therefore this league should now be seen as an Ulster league.

Eire Og Stats over both week-ends

Games: Won 7 , Drawn 3 , Lost 2

Goals: GF 33 , GA 21 (+12)


The Og's: Andrew Brendan Connla Darragh Diarmaid Eoin Gerard Jack Sean

U10 North Antrim Indoor League

28/01/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Eire Og's U10 hurling team took part in the preliminary round of the North Antrim indoor league at Edmund Rice College Glengormley.

The young Ogs were drawn against stiff opposition from North Antrim clubs (Saint Enda's and Latharna Og), Belfast clubs (Saint Gall's and Pearse's) and County Down (Bredagh and Ballygalget).

The Ogs came through all six matches unbeaten, winning three and drawing the remainder, scoring an incredible 17 and only conceding just 7.

The series of games had everything from great saves, blocking and of course great scoring and it also had the odd controversial decision as well. It also showed that the team can rally when they were able to come back from a two goal deficit to level the game 2-2 in a match that was shortened to 5 minutes instead of the usual 7.

I would like to highlight that all the players helped the club go unbeaten on the day and I hope they all found the matches an enjoyable decision. At times the Ogs were up against larger more physical teams but they were able overcame this disadvantage with their speed and skills. I would also like to thank the parents for travelling to the venue and of course for their vocal support on the sidelines.

We now eagerly await the next series of games after the grading system has been concluded and I think there will be a lot of so called ' big' clubs hoping to avoid Eire Og.


Eire Og 1  -  1  Latharna Og

Eire Og  3  -  0   Saint Enda's

Eire Og  2  -  2  Saint Gall's

Eire Og  5  -  2  Bredagh

Eire Og  2  -  2  Pearse's

Eire Og  4  -  0  Ballygalget


The Ogs:  Andrew   Brendan   Connla   Daniel   Darragh   Diarmaid   Eoin   Gerard  Jack   Sean

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