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Match Reports

St Galls Tournament

12/05/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Saint Gall's U10 Pat Sheehan Memorial Tournament

Eire Og's U10 hurlers were invited to the annual Pat Sheehan Memorial tournament at Milltown Pitches. This is a great tournament that the mentors and players look forward to every year. The first series of games were in a league format and we were pencilled in to play against Bredagh, Saint Brigids and Gort Na Mona.

Eire Og v Bredagh

Our first match was against Bredagh. The Og's lined out with Brendan in nets and our defensive line was Diarmaid, Coonla and Andrew. Our midfield pairing was Sean and Darragh with Pearce S, Daniel and Dylan filling positions in our forward line.

The Og's started well and got an early point for their efforts but Bredagh scored a goal from a converted free and this seemed to raise the game of the Bredagh team and they got a second goal. The Og's got an point themselves in this half but trailed 2 goals to 2 points at half time.

Sean replaced brother Brendan in nets for the second half but the game followed the path of the first half and Bredagh got the win even though the Og's did score an additional goal and 2 points

Eire Og v Saint Brigid's

The Og's second match was against our hurling partners Saint Brigid's and it was strange to compete against players from our joint U12 team. Saint Brigid's only had 8 players so we lined out with Brendan regaining his position in nets with Dylan now helping Connla and Diarmaid in defence. Our midfield remained Darragh and Sean and Pearse H and Daniel starting up front.

The Og's midfield boosted by Connla started at great pace and Connla scored a great goal to kick start the Og's. Sean also helped by getting some great points from distance. In the second half Pearse H took over between the posts and Brendan replaced Sean in midfield. Andrew and Pearce S were also introduced to the forward line.

Again the Og's dominated the game from the middle and Connla added to the scoreline with some pointed frees.

Eire Og v Gort Na Mona

The Og's were told of the importance of winning this game. Both ourselves and Gort had won a match each and the winner would remain in the cup competition. The Og's started with Brendan in nets, with Andrew, Dylan and Diarmaid in defence. Connla and Sean started in midfield and Darragh, Daniel and Pearce S up front.

This was the Og's best performance and from the start all our players were first to the sliotar. There were some great scores from Connla and Sean and Darragh helped with a goal as well. Again the Og's ran out clear winners.

Quarter Final - Cup Competition

Our prize for defeating Gort was a quarter final tussle against hosts and Cup favourites Saint Gall's. The Og's lined out the same as the Gort game. Saint Gall's were very strong opponents and both teams contributed to some great tussles throughout the pitch but Saint Gall's got some very skilful scores and the Og's were knocked out of the competition.



I would now like to thank Saint Gall's for inviting us to this well run tournament and supplying our players with lunches. I also hope the players enjoyed the team parade with the national anthem.  Again our players parents helped the team with their great vocal support from the sidelines.  Finally I would like to thank our players who came up against a very strong St Gall's team. Unfortunately for some of our players this will be the last time they will be able to compete in this competition and I would like to thank them for their performances not only today but for previous years as well. It was also great that we could give a run out to the two U8  Pearc(s)es and still remained competitive in the cup competition. I would also like to give the players a reminder that we have a similar blitz at Rossa's pitch in early June and with a lot of extra practice now that we have the longer evenings there is no reason why we can not progress further.

 Well done the Og's of 2012!

 Andrew  Brendan  Connla  Daniel  Darragh  Diarmaid  Dylan  Pearce S  Pearse H  Sean


U10 Hurling Go-Games

21/04/2012Posted by Darren and Pearse Hamill

U10 Go Games
Venue: Woodlands Playing Fields
Date: 21st April 2012

Eire Og were able to field 2 teams for the U10 Go Games held at woodlands playing fields.
The teams were referred to as Eire Og Antrim and Eire Og Belfast and both teams were to play on adjacent pitches at the same time.

Eire Og v Rossa
Eire Og's first games were against 2 Rossa teams.
The Eire Og Antrim team were playing against a strong wind but they started the livelier with some
great work from Sean and Darragh in midfield but unfortunately all our pucks of the sliotar due
to the wind kept going the wrong side of the posts. Rossa came more into the game and scored 2
goals and a point in quick succession. Ronan was moved from his defensive position into midfield
and got a goal as compensation for what had been a great performance by the team.

Our Eire Og Belfast team played against a Rossa Ulster team. Erin was partnered
in midfield by Dylan and they were supporting our forward line of Stephen and Oran.
The game was close and when Pearse and Stephen reversed their positions Pearse was able to
give the Og's the lead by scoring an excellent goal. Jack and Gerard were a strong defensive
unit but unfortunately in a rare attack on our goal the sliotar arrived at a Rossa player on
his own and he was able to score pass Stephen resulting in a tied game.

Eire Og v Saint Enda's
The Og's second game was against Saint Enda's. Games between both teams are normally tight
affairs and this one was no different. Ronan was unable to play the remaining games and his
place was taken by the energetic Daniel. This resulted in Eire Og Belfast team being reduced
to 6 players. Our back line for the Antrim team was Andrew and Dylan with Darragh and Sean
retaining their midfield duties. Our forwards pwere now Diarmaid and Daniel. Again the teams
were equally matched with Eire Og having the majority of the possession but again our striking
was slightly off target although Sean did score a point from one of his many possessions.
Again our misses came back to haunt us when Saint Enda's scored a goal and therefore took the
victory in the match.

Eire Og's Belfast team also played an exciting tight game and performed heroically as they were
up against an extra man throughout the match. Stephen retained his goalkeeping responsibility and
the back two of Jack and Gerard were again solid. Pearse and Erin were the midfield dynamos and
Oran was our lone forward. The Og's tried their best but St Enda's won the match by a point.

Eire Og v St Paul's
Our last games were against St Paul's. Due to Brendan's heroics in nets during the previous two games
was given a outfield position and Diarmaid replaced him in goals. Brendan's reward was to partner Andrew
in defence. Sean and Darragh continued in midfield and Daniel was now helped by Dylan up front. The Og's
got off to a flier when Dylan took his opportunity upfront and scored a goal. The Og's again had most
of the possession but the link between midfield and forward line could have been better. St Paul's got a
point from a free but this was cancelled by a great point scored from a free by Darragh and at the final
whistle the Og's got a victory their performances on the day deserved.

Our Belfast team received a player from St Paul's to even the numbers and to give all our players a run out
he was placed in nets. Stephen was now able to join Oran up front. Again the Og's battled strongly and Erin
and Pearse ran tirelessly in midfield. In a rare venture forward Jack was rewarded with a goal and Oran and
Stephen had opportunities that went narrowly wide but unfortunately St Paul's had scored 2 goals of their
own taking the victory.

Og's:Andrew, Brendan, Daniel, Darragh, Diarmaid, Dylan, Erin, Gerard, Jack, Oran, Pearse, Ronan
Sean, Stephen


U10 South West Antrim Indoor Airbourne Blitz

03/03/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Eire Og's U10 hurling team were invited to an indoor airbourne blitz organised by South West Antrim. It was overseen by hurling development officer Leo.

Unfortunately only one other team, Saint Mary's Rasharkin, showed but this allowed the team more game time. Leo firstly spilt the players into different groups and introduced various full rules skills to the players.

The first skill was striking the ball off the right and then striking off the left. He then showed the benefit of the shorter grip for more accurate closer work. The session finished with some wall work where the skill of catching was also introduced. I believe all the players progressed from the session.

After the coaching came the match and the Og's lined out with Daniel in nets, Ciara and Gerard in defence, Connla in mid with our forward line of Jack and Dylan. The first 10 minutes of the match were played under ground rules and both teams competed to an even standard. Leo highlighted that at times the players were following the ball and not holding positions.

The second session introduced full rules and I believe we saw the benefit of the recent training sessions at Rathmore's indoor hall. Daniel replaced Gerard in defence and the Og's showed some great passes, blocking, hooking and the hand pass was introduced at times.

This was the first time the Og's have attended these indoor airbourne sessions and I believe it was a useful exercise in the development of our players. Hopefully when the blitz at this age group is repeated there will be more teams attending. I would again like to thank our players parents for their vocal support and for travelling to the blitz.

The Og's Ciara, Connla, Daniel, Dylan, Gerard, Jack.


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