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P5/P6 Blitz and coaching

21/07/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

P5/P6 South West Antrim Hurling Blitz with Coaching

Venue: Saint Mary's Ahoghill

Date: 21st July 2012


Eire Og's P5/P6 hurlers were invited to take part in a hurling blitz organised by Saint Mary's Ahoghill.

The Blitz started with a coaching session which involved the skills of roll lifts, jab lifts and striking the sliotar using the short stick.

Unfortunately only 2 other teams participated in the blitz and they were the host club Saint Mary's and All Saints Ballymena.


GAME 1 - Eire Og  v  Saint Mary's Ahoghill

The Og's first game was against the host club and Brendan volunteered to play for Ahoghill as they were a player short.

The Og's lined out with Niall in nets and Diarmaid, Sean and Shane protecting him in the back line.

Our midfield trio were Andrew, Darragh and Ronan with Gerard, Pearce S and Pearse H occupying the forward slots.

The match itself was a very tight affair with both teams trading points.

It was great to see Ronan getting the opportunity to play with the U10's in this P5/6 blitz and he seem to be relishing this chance by scoring some great points including frees.

Near the end the home team got a goal to give them the lead but there was still enough time for the Og's to reply with a point and have several goal mouth chances . At the end both teams shook hands and should be very proud of their performances in what was a great hurling match. It should be noted that St Mary’s fielded several P7 players in this game and the ogs should be well pleased with this performance.

The Ogs should also note that ‘chopping’ down with the hurl and silly pushing in the opponents backs are costly is terms of conceded frees and they should work to remove these two faults from their game.



GAME 2 - Eire Og  v  All Saints

The Og's second game was against All Saint's Ballymena. Unfortunately All Saints only had 6 players and this time Brendan, Darragh and Pearce S volunteered to don the All Saint's shirt.

The Og's lined out with Niall retaining his position in nets with Gerard and Sean protecting him.

The midfield trio for this game were Andrew, Diarmaid and Ronan with Pearse H and Shane up front.

From the throw in the Og's were hungary for the sliotar and Ronan continued his fine form from the first match and bagged himself some great goals and points. He also performed some great solo running during the game. Andrew was also rewarded for his efforts with a goal and Diarmaid worked tirelessly for possession of the sliotar.

Later in the game Ronan and Sean changed positions and Sean got some great scores himself. He was also unlucky when he struck the opponents crossbar with a strike from distance.

Pearse H and Shane got some possession of the sliotar themselves but unfortunately they could not convert this to scores.

Young Niall in nets was playing great and was being protected by Gerard, Ronan and Sean but our own Darragh struck the ball into the Og's net for All Saints. Brendan and Pearce S were also putting in good shifts for the Og's opponents but in the end the Og's came away as victors.


I would like to thank Tom McCann and Saint Mary's Ahoghill for organising the blitz and taking the coaching sessions before and after the games. As usual I would like to thank our players parents and family for travelling to the venue and their vocal support from the side line and finally a large thanks to our players for again competing at a high level. It was also mentioned how much the team has developed in the last couple of months.

Well done the Og's:   Andrew  Brendan  Darragh  Diarmaid  Gerard  Niall  Pearce S  Pearse H  Ronan  Sean  Shane


U10 Eire Og v St. Pauls

05/07/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

U6,U8 and U10 Challenge Games against Saint Paul's  :  Venue Saint Paul's  :  5th July 2012

U10 Match  (See also match reports for U-6 and U-8 who also played friendlies at the same event).

Our U10 hurling team were invited to play a challenge match against Saint Paul's. The format was a series of 3 x 10 minute games.

The positions of all the Eire Og players were continually rotated during the three games and it was reassuring that the majority of players (7) recorded scores or multiple scores on the evening. The players showed a high level of performance and it was great to see all the players attempting to lift the sliotar and their ability to strike from both sides.

The games themselves, especially the last 10 minutes were very physical in nature and our players were able to cope with this side of the game as well. In the end the Og's came away as easy victors over the 3 games and have continued their recent successful run in both Go Games and tournaments. 

I would like to thank Paul and the rest of the Saint Paul's mentors for not only these games but their invite to their blitzes at the Colin Valley Multi Sports Centre. Thanks also to our juvenile players, parents and family who cheered on all 3 teams from the sidelines but most of all congratulations to our players who all competed brilliantly for their teams.

Ogs:  Andrew  Brendan  Darragh  Diarmaid  Gerard  Jack C.  Jack P.  Pearce S.  Sean


Challenge v. St John's

21/06/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

U10 Challenge Match v Saint John's  :   Eire Og 5-9  Saint John's 1-2  :   Woodlands   :  21st June 2012

Eire Og played Saint John's U10 hurling team at a damp and soggy woodlands pitch in awful weather conditions - typical Irish Summer Weather!!. The goal posts were arranged on both 14 yard lines and therefore there were extensive areas of the pitch for the players to fight for the sliotar.

In the first half the Og's lined out with Luke in nets Diarmaid, Gerard, Pearce S and Shane in defence. Our midfield trio were Andrew, Connla and Sean with our forward line of Brendan, Jack P, Reuben and Stephen.

From the throw in the Og's were playing the better hurling. Andrew was continuing from Tuesday's match against Sarsfield's by winning the dirty ball in midfield but unfortunately this time he couldn't convert possession into scores.

Sean and Connla were also winning their battle in midfield and Sean got some excellent pointed scores. Connla seemingly got a goal which he was told by the ref was disallowed. To me it was a perfectly taken score and was counted. Saint John's goal was also controversial when they scored from a free awarded when Luke lifted the ball with his hand after not striking from the puck out.

Half Time:  Eire Og 1-4  St John's 1-1

At half time you would have thought the Og's were getting beat. I reminded them they were playing all the hurling and if they played the same as the first half they would win this match. I also said to our midfield to starting feeding our forwards with the sliotar as our wide count was starting to rise.

The Og's also made a couple of changes. Stephen replaced Luke in nets and after about 5 minutes of the second half Brendan replaced Connla in midfield.

Our backline in the second half were virtual spectators but when called upon Diarmaid, Gerard, Pearce S and Shane were able to clear their lines and it was great to see our defenders lifting the sliotar and striking from the hand.

Brendan was now getting more of the sliotar but his "marker" was making it a very physical tussle.

Our midfielders as requested did start to feed the forwards and Connla and Reuben were rewarded with goals. Both Jack P and Luke were unlucky not to score as well.

In the end the Og's were clear victors as our points tally grew as well. It was also noticeable that the U10 players who also play at U12 level thrived in the large pitch, as this give them more space to perform the skills they have learnt.

Together with the results against the Sarsfield's teams on Tuesday evening and our U12 victory against Saint Gall's on Sunday this has been a very successful weeks hurling for Eire Og. Just a pity that the "Summer" weather has caused the cancellation of the Go Games for our U8 hurlers.

I would like to thank Jimmy Wilson for bringing his U10 hurlers to woodlands. As usual I would like to thank our players parents for helping to put the goal posts together and their loud vocal support from the sidelines.

Finally I would like to thank the players for displaying such a high level of performance against a hurling team of the highest pedigree within the county. We have already been asked for a re-match and again this is a compliment to our players.

Og's:  Andrew  Brendan  Connla  Diarmaid  Gerard  Jack P  Luke  Pearce S  Reuben  Sean  Shane  Stephen



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