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Runners Up in P3/P4 SW Antrim Hurling Championship 2012

20/10/2012Posted by Darren Hamill


P3/P4 SW Antrim Hurling Championship

Venue: Saint Mary's Rasharkin

Date: 20th October 2012

Eire Og's P3/4 hurlers were invited to field a team in SW Antrim Championship. The host club was Saint Mary's Rasharkin and the other clubs competing were Kickhams Creggan, Saint Brigid's and Saint Enda's A and B.

Eire Og v Saint Mary's Rasharkin
The Og's first game was against host club Rasharkin. From the throw in the midfield of Pearce S and Gerard were able to dominate their opponents and tried to feed the forward line of Pearse H and Oran. During the game the Og's got some goals and points mainly from the stick of Gerard and the Og's defence of Conlan and Alex restricted our opponents to one score with our keeper Aodhan having little to worry him.

Eire Og v Saint Enda's A

This was the best game of the day and all the skills of hurling, from striking out of the hand to blocking and hooking were on show. The Og's defence of Alex and Pearse H were under extreme pressure at times but protected our keeper Aodhan brilliantly. Our usual midfield of Pearce S and Gerard were boosted by Conlan and Oran and Zack completed our line out. This match was the most controversial of the tournament when the ref ( who will remain nameless!!!) Judged that the sliotar had been knocked out for a "65" even though Pearse H was screaming that the ball was already wide. With the game at the final whistle scoreless this meant that the game was awarded to Saint Enda's A.

Eire Og v Kickhams Creggan
The Og's third game was against Creggan. Our midfield trio remained the same and Zack and Oran continued in a forward role. Pearce S and Gerard got a lot of possession of the sliotar and Pearce S converted a couple of excellent goals. Pearse H who had started in defence with Alex swapped places with Conlan and he added to our scoring with a well taken long ranged point and the Og's came away with their second victory of the day.

Eire Og v Saint Enda's B
Our fourth match was Saint Enda's B and as they had 9 players it allowed us to play young Liam who had been waiting anxiously on the sidelines for his chance. He was partnered up front by Alex and Zack. Gerard and Pearce S maintained their midfield positions and Conlan helped Oran and Pearse H in defence ahead of our keeper Aodhan. Alex took his opportunity in the forward line by scoring two great goals with both Pearc(s)e's and Gerard also contributing to our tally. At the final whistle the Og's had recorded their third victory of the day.

Eire Og v Saint Brigid's
The Og's were reminded of the importance of this game as we were the only team who could catch the leaders (Saint Enda's). Aodhan took up his regular position between the posts and Pearse H and Oran protected him in defence. Our midfield remain Gerard and Pearce S with Alex and Conlan up front.
This game had a similar pattern to previous Eire Og v Saint Brigid's games with our opponents getting an early 2 goal lead. This kick-started the Og's into playing hurling and they responded with a goal from Pearce S and a well taken point from Pearse H. Although the momentum was now with the Og's some of our players were moving out of position and Saint Brigid's got a third goal in a rare venture into our half. The Og's continued their pressure game until the final whistle but unfortunately they were unable to covert their chances to scores and they suffered their first defeat of the day.

At the end of the five matches the Og's had an excellent record of 3 wins, 1 Draw (65 Rule) and 1 defeat and they were pipped at the post by a very strong and skilful Saint Enda's team. It must be remembered that 4 players Conlan, Pearse, Oran and Zach had already played 3 matches for our U8's at A'Town Leisure Centre and young Pearse H had been in his sick bed for the previous 2 days.

I would like to thank Tom McCann not only for letting us field a team in this championship but for all the invites to games this year. I would also like to thank Michael and Rasharkin for hosting the games. Congratulations to Eugene and his Saint Enda's team on their victory today
As usual our players parents and families travelled in great numbers and almost spurned on the Og's to victory. I would also like to thank Ciaran who had his problems getting to the venue and Gavin for mentoring the team straight from our U8 Games at the A'Town Leisure Centre. Finally the largest thanks to our players who again put if a fantastic shift representing Eire Og hurling team.

Well done the Og's
Alex, Aodhan, Conlan, Gerard, Liam, Oran, Pearce S, Pearse H, Zack


SW Antrim P7 Hurling Champions!

13/10/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

South West Antrim P7 Championship 2012

Venue: Saint Mary's Ahoghill
Date: 13th October 2012

Brid Og's P7 hurlers were invited to field a team in the SW Antrim Championship at Saint Mary's Ahoghill. Entry to this Championship was testament to the amount of blitzes that our juvenile clubs have taken part in during this year.
In order to introduce our younger players to Championship hurling we fielded two teams with a total of 21 players.

Brid Og 5:5 Ahoghill 1:3
Brid Og's Antrim team started with a game against host club Ahoghill. This game took a while to kick start into action as the Og's wide count began to mount up. Ronan and Ciaran started to gain momentum from midfield by out muscling their opponents in a very physical contest. This give the whole team the confidence to compete against their markers and the forward line of Andrew, Diarmaid and Thomas got amongst the scores giving the Og's the victory their hurling deserved.

Brid Og 5:10 Rasharkin 3:2
The Antrim Teams second game was against Rasharkin who could only field 9 players. This game was very exciting I am sure for the neutral spectator and both clubs performed brilliantly. Brendan continued his excellent form in nets from the first game and he was protected by our back line of Connla, Conor and Sean. Our Midfield again dominated their opponents and there was some excellent attacking catching particularly from Cian and Ronan. The team recorded their second victory with a high scoring tally and the majority of the panel contributed to the total.It must also be mentioned that the Rasharkin team had several excellent hurlers in their squad and their Keeper kept us on our toes with his quick and long poc outs.
Brid Og's Belfast team was a mixture of seasoned championship hurlers such as Ciara, Darragh, Oisin, Reuben and Ruairi as well as our younger less experienced players Alex, Gerard, Jack, Joseph, Nathan and Pearce. The Belfast team played the same teams as our Antrim team and although they hurled brilliantly they were unable to get the victory which their efforts deserved. Congratulations to young Alex (P5) who got a goal against much stronger and older opposition. The last game was Brid Og Antrim against our Belfast team and this was probably the Belfast's team best performance but our Antrim team came away with an narrow victory and therefore they became South West Antrim P7 Hurling Champions for 2012.

Ronan Crossen , club captain for the games, emerged from the large crowd of jubilant Brid Og players and collected the trophy from Tom McCann. Although a bit reluctant to make a victory speech he did congratulate the other teams competing. (Ronan always have a speech ready just in case !!!!)

I would like to thank Tom McCann for allowing us to field 2 teams in this championship and thanks also to Dessie and Ahoghill for hosting the competition. Our Support from the sidelines for both teams was fantastic and I am sure this helped our team to victory. Finally of course the biggest thanks goes to the Brid Og players who are crowned SW Antrim P7 Hurling Champions for 2012 and for some of the players this is a second trophy in as many weeks after their success in the recent Warrenpoint tournament.

Brid Og Abu
Alex, Andrew, Brendan, Cian, Ciara, Ciaran, Connla, Conor, Darragh, Diarmaid, Jack, Joseph, Gerard, Nathan, Oisin, Pearce, Reuben, Ronan, Ruairi, Sean, Thomas

St Peters Blitz Warrenpoint

29/09/2012Posted by Darren Hamill

Hurling Blitz Competition @ Saint Peter's GAC Warrenpoint

Eire Og's  hurlers were invited to an Ulster hurling competition involving clubs from counties Antrim, Armagh and Down. The games were played in glorious autumn weather in the picturesque setting of Saint Peter's Warrenpoint.

Four pitches were lined out for games and our list of opponents were the Hosts Saint Peter's, Keady, Derrynoose, Ballyvarley, Killeavy and Castlewellan. The games ran like clockwork on the day with very short intervals between the action.

At the end of the series of games the Og's had recorded 6 impressive victories. All the teams positions were rotated during the games and the whole team contributed to the teams success. The majority of the team got on the score board with some great points and goals - wee Pearse included !  The team also defended brilliantly and conceded few scores. From a mentors point of view it was great to see the way the players dominated their opponents in all of the games. Sean even had the security to do a "Henry Shefflin" and put the penalty over the bar. They do say after all "take your point". With the 6 victories the Og's won the competition and they were clearly the best team on show on the day.

I would like to thank Damien and the Saint Peter's Club for inviting us to this competition, for their hospitality and the snack bags supplied to the players. I would also like to thank our club for providing the players with a well earned KFC treat after the matches - even Stephen managed to eat his KFC after recovering from car-sickness on the journey down !

I hope the players, parents and family enjoyed the wonderful scenery whilst travelling to the game and we thank them for their loud vocal support from the sidelines (especially to Dominic in the ultimate game of the day!). Finally a big thank you to all the players who competed brilliantly on the day and again advanced the name of the Eire Og hurling team in Counties Armagh and Down.

Congratulations to the Og's ! 

Eire Og Abu

Andrew  Brendan  Cian  Connla  Daniel  Darragh  Diarmaid  Gerard  Jack  Pearse  Ronan  Sean  and Stephen 

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