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Match Reports

Falls Park League

07/04/2013Posted by Darren Hamill

Belfast City Council Parks and Leisure P6 Hurling League        
Date: 7th April 2013
Venue: Fall's Park Belfast

Brid Og have entered a team in the P6 hurling league organised by the Belfast City Council Parks and Leisure Department.These games are due to be played over the next 10 weeks at the Fall's Park venue and this should be a great platform for the development of our team. The Og's opponents for the first week-end of games were O'Donnell's, Glenavy and Saint Gall's.

Brid Og v O'Donnell's
The Og's first game was against O'Donnell's and this was their first competitive game at this level for a while. As expected the Og's dominated the game from the start and got some great scores from Shane (2,1), Pearse H (3,0) and new recruit to these games Martin (1,0). Our defence of Adam, Oisin and Pearce S protected young Zack in nets with our opponents not getting a score.

Brid Og v Glenavy
Next in line for the Og's were our old sparring partners Glenavy. As usual this was a great contest between 2 evenly matched teams and it is always a pleasure to field a team against them. The sliotar constantly rebounded up and down the pitch and like last week's tournament the game was settled by a free from Pearse H who scored a great goal from distance and thankfully there was no controversy with this score . Credit must go to Shane and Gerard who protected Adam in nets during the game. Shane had taken a couple of knocks during this match and had also been replaced in the first half , however he was fit enough to return to action in the second half. Pearce H, Oisin and Zack covered the ground in midfield and supplied the sliotar to forwards Luke, Martin and Pearse H. 

Brid Og v Saint Gall's
The Og's final game of the day was against Saint Gall's and unfortunately the Og's could not continue their fine winning run, as we were beaten by a very skilful team. In the first half we were guilty of standing off our opponents and letting them dictate the game. In the second half the mentors comments were listened to and the team as a whole got closer to their markers and we had numerous chances to score as well however, unlike the previous games we could not get our efforts on target. At the final whistle the Og's had been defeated 1:3 (2- 65's) to 0:0.

I would like to thank Belfast City Council and Denis for organising these games and it was great to see the large amount of teams with their different colours on show on the seven pitches being used. This will surely raise the level of hurling within the city. I would like to thank Gavin (who had been sick during the night) and John who refereed brilliantly for the club over the three games. Thanks also to our players parents and family for their support from the sidelines and the final thanks to our players who all hurled brilliantly during the day. It was also reassuring to hear the players looking for a fourth game after their defeat by Saint Gall's. I would also like to give a special mention to both Adam and Martin who hurled for   Brid Og for the first time today and congratulations to Martin on scoring his goal on his debut. It is clear to see that the large amount of indoor games that the Og's had been involved in during the months of January, February and March is benefiting  our performances now we are playing outdoors.

Brid Og Panel: Adam, Gerard, Luke, Martin, Oisin, Pearce S, Pearse H, Shane, Zack

Shield Winners at Glenavy Tournament

30/03/2013Posted by Darren Hamill

U10 Glenavy Tournament

Date : 30th March 2013

Venue: Crumlin Community Centre

Brid Og were invited to a six team hurling tournament which had been postponed from the previous week due to the weather conditions. Unfortunately 2 teams Ballygalget and Lamh dhearg Belfast did not field so the 4 competing teams were Brid Og, Bredagh, Keady and the hosts Glenavy.
Before the games started the club mentors were brought together and the rules explained. The games would be played in a league format with the top 2 teams competing in the cup final and the bottom 2 teams in the shield. The matches would be full rules and 9 a side. The scoring structure was also changed with a "point" being awarded 3 points and a goal scoring a single point. The games were also 2 halves of 7 minutes each. The new rules were explained to the players and they were told to strike high were possible.

Brid Og 1:1 Glenavy 0:1

Matches against Glenavy are always tight and this was no exception. As the Og's had a panel of 12 players we had 3 rolling substitutes during the games, Young Niall D got the first score with a well taken point and brother Shane added to our total with a goal. The match became very tense when Glenavy scored a late point but the Og's held out for the win.

Brid Og 0:0 Bredagh 0:1

The Og's next match was against Bredagh. In this game Jack in nets was fantastic and he produced some great saves. Our defensive lines and midfield of Niall M , Conlan, Gerard, Shane and Pearce S played as a unit and produced some great blocks to give our forwards of Samir, Niall D, Pearse, Zack, Oran and James a chance to win the game however on several occasions the sliotar went narrowly wide. In the second half of a very even game our opponents were awarded a free deep in their half and their young player duly obliged and put the sliotar over the bar from distance to give Bredagh the narrowest of victories.

Brid Og 0:0 Keady 4:2

The Og's final league game was against Armagh side Keady. This was the hardest game the Og's faced on the day as we were up against a larger, stronger team who could hurl brilliantly and over the two halves they amassed a total score of 4 : 2.

When the results were all totaled up Bredagh would play Keady in the Cup Final and the Og's would play hosts Glenavy

Shield Final

Brid Og 0:1 Glenavy 0:0
As Glenavy had 11 players it was decided to play the Final as an 11 a side match. This may have made the game more start - stop as there was limited space for the players to express their skills. At half-time the Og's had the majority of the chances but unfortunately had no scores for their efforts. The mentors reassured the players that if they continued to play in the same manner the match was there for the winning.
The second half continued with both teams looking more nervous about losing the match than winning the game. The talk from the side lines was a single score could win the final. The winning score of the game was indeed controversial but for once it went in the Og's favour. We were awarded a free close to the left hand side line and young Pearse struck the sliotar well from a difficult angle. One umpire raised his hand for the score whilst the other umpire signalled for a wide. Banjo the ref awarded the point and the Og's had a couple of nervous minutes to play out before the final whistle signalled a victory for this young team and jubilant celebrations from the players.

The Og's were summoned to the club house for refreshments for both the parents and players and joint captains Jack and Shane were presented with the shield to a large chorus of cheers from the other players and their supporters. BRID OG ABU!!

I would like to thank Gavin and Banjo for inviting us to this tournament and providing the refreshments. I would also like to thank Ciaran, Gavin, John and Tara for helping with the U8 and U10 teams. As usual our parental support was very vocal and this urged our players on during all the games. My final thanks goes to the kids who hurled brilliantly in such cold conditions.
All twelve players in our panel helped in the teams victory but I would like to highlight the performances of Conlan, Niall D, Pearse H, and Zack who also played in the U8 games that preceded the U10 tournament. I would also like to thank our youngest player Zack (7) who performed brilliantly in nets clearing his lines on several occasions in the shield final.
Brid Og Panel: Conlan, Gerard, Jack, James, Niall D, Niall M, Oran, Pearce S, Pearse H, Samir, Shane, Zack 

Falls Park League

26/03/2013Posted by Gavin Kane


P6 Belfast City Council Hurling League

Date : 26th May 2013

Venue: Falls Park

Brid Og took part in another week at these fantastic games. Due to First Holy Communion and the bank holiday weekend there were concerns about the numbers of players being available, however we were able to field a team of 8. This was the first week of decent weather and it made the environment much more pleasant and enjoyable for the players and parents alike. The original schedule showed games against, St Agnes, St Enda’s and Pearses.

The first game was against St Agnes. The game began with St Agnes fielding 8 players and Brid Og fielding 7 players. This was due to the late arrival of young Gerard Whelan who was attending a sleepover with a friend from a rival team. It was obviously a tactic on their part to keep him late and of the field. Gerard arrived shortly after the throw in and was quickly placed in mid field. Aidan took up his position in goals, Niall D and Niall M played in defence, Pearse S and Shane were placed in mid field and Zack and Alex took up their positions as forwards. Zack managed to break free from the St Agnes defenders and scored an early point which helped to settle the team. This was quickly followed by another point from Shane. Shane then managed an outstanding cross straight to Alex who knocked it over the line. This resulted in a comfortable win for the Brid Og team.

It was at this point that the schedule unravelled and some games were hastily rearranged, as Pearses had failed to field. This meant that Brid Og would face St Paul’s. This would be a tough game and the decision was taken to play a strong defence. The game was fast and physical, but the Brid Og team showed their metal in this game and fought hard for the ball. St Paul’s managed to get an early point placing Brid Og on the back foot. Pearse S responded with a magnificent point which evened the score. St Paul’s managed another point in the second half, but the Brid Og team did not lose heart and they continued to play brilliantly. Shane struck a long range ball which seemed to go over the bar and would have resulted in a draw but the St Paul’s referee did not give the score. This was the first of 2 contentious decisions in this game. The players have always been taught to respect the referee and in fairness they applied this rule despite their frustration. The game finished with a St Paul’s win. St Paul’s 2 – Brid Og 1. With a point being allocated a score of 3 and a goal a score of 1, the final score was 6-3. 

The next game was due to be against St John’s. However the St John’s team were only half way through another game. It was agreed that Brid Og would face Bredagh who were free to play. In order to ensure that all of the players got a game, Bredagh lent 2 players (Tom and Eammon) to Brid Og. This was the best game of the day with a significant amount of scores. This game saw great displays of skill from both teams, with players lifting and striking the ball at every opportunity. Niall M scored 2 goals and a point and Eammon (from Bredagh) also got on the score sheet with a goal, Shane also managed 2 goals. Zack was denied a goal by a ball which went narrowly wide. Aidan put in a great shift in forward position and fought hard for the ball. Niall D made some great saves and cleared the ball quickly with long puck outs to the mid field players. Bredagh managed to score 2 points and a goal and with the reverse scoring this put them firmly back in the game, until Gerard managed to strike another over the bar. The game finished Brid Og 11- Bredagh 7.

Thanks to Tommy and Karl for organising these games. A big thanks must go to the parents, as without them the players would not get a chance to take part in such great events. Thanks to John for helping with the team today. The biggest thanks must go to our players who hurled brilliantly. Some of these kids have played 8 games this weekend, a sign of their dedication and commitment to this sport.   


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