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SW Antrim P5/P6 Blitz

24/05/2013Posted by Darren Hamill

P5/P6 SW Antrim Blitz

Venue: Moneyglass

Date:24th May 2014

Brid Og were able to field 10 players at the SW Antrim organised blitz at Moneyglass. The teams competing were Ahoghill, All Saints Ballymena, Creggan, Rasharkin, Tir Na Nog and host club Saint Ergnats Moneyglass.

Before the blitz started there was a coaching element with the various mentors coaching  another club. The skills involved were the short stick pass and the overhead block. There also a fun game thrown in before the matches started.

Our first game was against All Saints Ballymena. As our opponents only had 6 players two of our team Oran and Owen volunteered to play for Ballymena. This was a tight affair with both teams finding plenty of space and moving the sliotar quickly. Conlon in nets produced a great save and we got several late goals to take the victory the highlight being Gerard's strike from distance.

Our second game was Creggan and again one of our players joined their ranks with Conlon volunteering to wear thr green and yellow kit. Our opponents played some great hurling and took a 3 points to nil lead. Again our never say die attitude came to the fore when we got a goal to equalise the game on scores. Both teams had chances to win the game with Oran coming closest for us but a draw was possibly the fairest result as both teams had played some great hurling on the day

Our third game was against Tir Na Nog. Unfortunately this pitch could only accommodate 7 players so we had 3 rotating subs. There was also some rotating formations during the game but with Brian giving us a safe platform from goals and Gerard and Adam in defence we restricted our opponents to on pointed score and got several points and goals ourselves.

Our fourth game was against Saint Mary's Rasharkin and Brian continued his role in nets. Again there was only enough room for a 7 a side game so we had rolling substitutes as well. This was the game that David and Niall M had the majority of our chances and got several scores. Niall D and Conlon kept our opponents to no score. Gerard played in midfield as did Adam and Owen with Oran, Niall M, David and Pearse being rotated in our forward positions.

Unfortunately on the final whistle of this game the blitz was over and there wasn't the time to play Ahoghill and the host side Saint Ergnats. This was a great blitz and as well as the matches there was also the coaching element as well which can only benefit our players.

I would like to thank Tom for the invite to this blitz and Colm for hosting. I would also like to thank the young whistlers provided by the host club. Thanks to John D for helping with the team and Gerard and John P for travelling to this venue. Finally well done to our P6s who hurled brilliantly today in a very well run blitz. Special mention to Conlon, Oran and Owen who volunteered to play for our opponents.

Brid Og Panel: Adam, Brian, Conlon, David, Gerard, Niall D, Niall M, Oran, Owen, Pearse

Falls Park League

19/05/2013Posted by Darren Hamill

P6 Belfast City Council hurling league

Date: 19th May 2013

Venue: Fall's Park

Brid Og's P6 hurlers took part in the sixth week of hurling at the Fall's Park. Our numbers for these games are great and we were boosted by 2 players Aodhan and birthday boy Lorcan from the Pearse's. Our opponents were due to be Saint Gall's, Ardoyne and Gort na mona but we ended up playing amalgamated teams of Ardoyne / O'Donnell's and Gort Na Mona / Saint Agnes. Our first match was against Saint Gall's and we were beaten by a quality team which has 3 or 4 superb players. The Og's played some good hurling but we allowed their players to show their large array of skills. Our next two games were against the amalgamated sides and the numbers on the pitch restricted clean possession of the sliotar however it was great to see our younger players Conlan, David, Niall, Pearse H and Zack all trying and succeeding on lifting and striking the ball. Our midfield consisted of Gerard, Jack, Pearce S and Shane over the three games and it is great to see the improvement in these players through the amount of game play they are getting. Adam and Alex played brilliantly during the games and were rewarded with scores together with Niall, Shane and Aodhan from the Pearse's. Shane's sideline cut goal was a highlight for the team but next time go for the 3 pointer over the bar score!!! In the Gort Na Mona game Jack volunteered to play for our opponents and played some great hurling but at the end of the three games the Og's had recorded another 2 victories and a defeat making our new record for the 6 weeks of games as Wins 13 and defeats 5.

Thanks again to Tommy and Karl for organising these series of games and thanks to Aodhan and Lorcan (Pearse's) for helping us during our matches. Our parents again give up their lie in on a Sunday morning and our players level of hurling is improving with every game.
Brid Og Panel: Adam, Alex, Aodhan (Pearse's), Conlan, David, Gerard, Jack, Lorcan (Pearse's), Niall, Pearce S, Pearse H, Shane, Zack

Falls Park League

12/05/2013Posted by Darren Hamill

P6 Belfast City Council Hurling League

Venue: Fall's Park

Date: 12th May 2013

After the break for the May Day bank holiday the Belfast City Council backed hurling league resumed at the Fall's Park venue. The Og's opponents were due to be Saint Enda's, Glenavy and O'Donnell's however Glenavy failed to field a team and Saint Agnes became our new opponent.

Our game against Saint Enda's meant the end of the first round of 13 games. As in other games against Saint Enda's the sliotar was fought for all over the pitch although at times are players stood back and allowed our opponents to take control of the game. Oran was the busier keeper and cleared his lines brilliantly on several occasions. At half time the whole team was told to get closer to their marker and fight for possession of the sliotar. Pearce S nearly took this literally when there was a short scuffle between him and his marker. In a strange way this galvanized our team and young Zack got a goal for the Og's. There were also several occasions when the Og's pressurised their opponents however Saint Enda's came away with a victory with most of the scores coming from pointed frees.

Our second game was against O'Donnell's and all the Og's were able to play. This made clean possession of the sliotar difficult as the pitch was quite congested however Shane, Niall and Pearse H were able to get the Og's scores which returned them to winning ways. Our final game was against Saint Agnes's and as we had large pool of players we were able to lend our opponents 3 players with Aodhan, David and Shane volunteering to don the black jersey of the Aggies. Our team were worried about the presence of Shane in our opponents line out and Gerard, Jack and Pearce S were sent out to do a job in midfield. Garrett volunteered to do nets with Alex, Niall and Zack taking up defensive position and Luke, Oran and Pearse H in our forward lines. There were great performances from our midfield trio and Pearce S seemed to be a different player from the one that had been playing in a back line in the earlier games as he was breaking through tackles and striking the ball on the run. The Og's got a couple of goals from Luke who played brilliantly in his forward role and Pearse H put over a couple of points however the Aggies got a goal of their own in the second half when they put the Og's young back line under some pressure. I would also like to mention that Aodhan, David and Shane put in a great shift for our opponents and I hope Shane and Niall didn't squeeze each others hands in the handshake at the end of the game!


I would like to thank Tommy and Karl for organising these games which are great for the development of our young players. Again I would like to thank our parents for travelling to the venue in awful weather conditions and a special thanks to Gerard Whelan Snr and Jnr as they only got back from their holidays in sunny Portugal in the early hours of Sunday morning - unfortunately they didn't bring the sunshine with them!!. Thanks to Ciaran, Gavin and John with our team selections today and a final big thanks to our players who hurled brilliantly and our new record for these series of games are 11 Wins and 4 defeats. 

Brid Og panel: Alex, Aodhan, David, Garrett, Gerard, Jack, Luke, Niall, Oran, Pearce S, Pearse H, Shane, Zack

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