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Falls Park League

09/06/2013Posted by Darren Hamill

P6 Belfast City Council Falls Park League

Date:9th June 2013

Venue: Falls Park

Brid Og's hurlers took part in the last week of games at the Falls Park venue and for once the Sun came out in what was perfect conditions for good competitive hurling. Our player numbers for these games have been gradually increasing and we were able to field 18 players.

Our last two matches were against Sarsfields and Saint Enda's and victory in both would have given us a grand total of 20 victories over the 10 weeks of games. The Og's got off to a winning start against Sarsfields with our midfield supplying our forwards with opportunities to score and they duly obliged. Both sides mentors tried to ensure as many players could get game time but this meant the pitch was very congested and the game was very start / stop. The Ogs second game was against Saint Enda's and again the match was very competitive. In the first half the Og's seemed to stand off and let their opponents play hurling but in the second half we got a lot closer and created several scores but unfortunately Saint Enda's had enough scores already to take the victory. After the final whistle and customary hand shakes the young players moved on to the poc fada and bouncy castles which had been organised by O'Neills and BCC.


These games have been fantastic for the development of our younger players and although the league is a P6 league we have fielded several P3 and P4 players and it is very reassuring that these young players were also able to cope with the full rules format. These games have also given players like Gerard, Jack, Niall, Pearce S and Shane the confidence to compete at U12 level. I would like to thank Tommy and Karl for arranging these games over the last 10 weeks, I would also like to thank our parents for giving up their Sunday morning and off course our players get the biggest thanks for giving us a final record or 19 Wins and 7 defeats.

Brid Og Panel

Alex, Aodhan, Conlan, David, Garrett, Gerard, Jack, James, Liam, Luke, Niall D, Niall M, Oran, Pearce S, Pearse H, Shane, Sophia, Zack

Falls Park League

02/06/2013Posted by Darren Hamill


P6 Falls Park League
Date: 2nd June 2013
Venue: Falls Park
Brid Og's P6 hurlers competed in the penultimate round of games at the Falls Park venue. Our opponents were due to be Bredagh , Saint Paul's and an amalgamation of Saint Agnes / Pearse's however Bredagh could not field and this resulted in us playing 2 x Saint Paul's teams due to their large number of players. Over the 3 games this young team which includes several P4's and even a P3 competed brilliantly and hurled at a very high level and we were rewarded with 3 victories on the day. Our scorers over the 3 games were Jack, Niall , Pearce S, Pearse H (although he did have a little help from the  Saint Paul's defender), Shane and Zack with Niall top scorer on the day. All the players contributed to the victories on the day and there were great performances from Adam, David, Garrett, Gerard,who actually got a run out in midfield instead of his usual position at full back, and Martin. The game against Saint Paul's
A was the highlight of the day as both teams competed fiercely for the sliotar. Shane was having a battle with his marker and all the skills of hurling were evident on the pitch.
These games have been brilliant for the development of our youngest players and unfortunately next weekend is the end of our Sunday's at the Park. Thanks to Tommy and Karl for organising these blitzes and again thanks to our parents for giving up their free time this last 9 weekends. I would personally like to thank John and Gavin for picking the squads positions for the games and finally a big thanks to the 11 Brid Og players who donned our kit today and competed brilliantly. A special thanks to David who volunteered to play for Saint Paul's B in our first game. Our new record for the;se games are W 18 and L 6
Brid Og Panel: Adam, David, Garrett, Gerard, Jack, Martin, Niall, Pearce S, Pearse H, Shane, Zack

U9 SW Antrim Airborne Games

25/05/2013Posted by Gavin Kane


U9 South West Antrim Airborne Games

Date : 25th May 2013

Venue: St Pats Ballymena

Eire Og's young hurlers took part in another session at the South West Antrim, Airborne Games. The format of these games focuses on developing lifting and passing skills. Attendance at these games has definitely benefited the kids and enhanced the skill levels. For various reasons i.e. Holy Communion and Bank Holidays, Eire Og only had four players present. Moneyglass were kind enough to lend us a few players throughout the day, to make up the six aside required. The kids were informed early that there was a ‘Freddo’ for each player and two for the player who tried hardest and performed best. This was to prove crucial in terms of enhancing performance, with the kids asking after each game who was in line for the additional  ‘Freddo’. 

The first game involved ‘one handed hurling’. At first the young Ogs were slightly confused by this,  as mentors are forever shouting “ 2 hands on the hurl” during games. This game was against Moneyglass and the Moneyglass players adapted to the game much more quickly than the young Og’s. This was a hard fought game but the Moneyglass team managed a score and the game ended with the Ogs being defeated 1-0.

The second game was against Ballymena and the young Og’s took heed of the advice given by the mentors during the break. With Gerard up front, Zack in midfield, Conlan at back and Pearse in goals the team managed to hold Ballymena to a 0-0 draw. The team were starting to adapt well to this new type of game.

The game format changed at this point to normal full rules and the young Og’s were chomping at the bit. The first game was against a strong Creggan team. Zack took his place in goals, Conlan and Pearse took up midfield positions and Gerard moved to forward position. Pearse opened the scoring with a great goal struck from the mid field position. Gerard performed brilliantly and tortured the Creggan backs by scoring four goals. Zack made a few great clearances and the game ended 5-1 to Eire Og.

With two players on loan from Creggan the young Og’s now faced St Malachy’s Randalstown. Gerard opened the scoring with a great goal taken from a free, the Creggan goal player did not stand a chance as the ball rocketed towards him. This was then followed by a great goal by Zack, with a fast and skilful lift of the ball. At one stage during this game the ball ended up in a bin in the school hall which caused a few giggles. Conlan performed brilliantly in goals, clearing the ball whilst under pressure from the Creggan forwards. Pearse showed no fear during this game with some great blocks.

The final game took on yet another format and was against Moneyglass. The scores in this game were awarded for placement of the ball in yellow boxes mounted high on the walls and players could move freely around the field without being stuck to one position. The aim of this game was to encourage the kids to lift, catch, hand pass and stick pass. This was the most exciting and fast moving game of the day and young Gerard narrowly missed the target 3 times in a row before being awarded with a score on the fourth attempt, to great cheers. The game ended with another Eire Og victory 1-0.

This of course left the mentors with the very tough decision as to who would be given the additional ‘Freddo’. After a quick consultation it was agreed that Gerard should be awarded the illustrious second ‘Freddo’ for his effort and performance. It must be said that all of the kids tried extremely hard and performed brilliantly, both as individuals and team members. The benefit of these games cannot be underestimated and the kids thoroughly enjoyed them. It must also be said that these games attract some of the best teams in the South West region and that the young Og’s have proved themselves at this level.

Thanks to Tom for organising the games and inviting us to play again. Thanks to Darren and Tara for helping with the team and Gerard Whelan for travelling to the venue. I am pretty sure that he ate the additional ‘Freddo’ on the way home.

Eire Og Team: Gerard Whelan, Pearse Hamill, Conlan Baird and Zack Kane.

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