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Go Games Week

16/04/2014Posted by Darren Hamill

Go Games week

Venue : Woodlands

Date: 16th April 2014

Brid Og fielded a P6 hurling team in the Croke Park initiative of Go Games week at woodlands playing fields and our opponents were St Pauls, Ardoyne and Bredagh.

In the game against St Pauls our players positions were rotated to give us a presence in midfield. However the St Pauls players were more skilful in various locations around the pitch and got several scores to take the victory.

The next game was against North Belfast side Ardoyne. This was a very tight affair with both teams trying to get supremacy. Although we probably dominated the game on possession terms Ardoyne got the only pointed score of the game to take the victory

Our final game was against County Down side Bredagh and the team did not want to finish the evening with 3 defeats and at last the Og's started to show a bit of the hurling skills we knew they possessed but again they found it hard to turn possession into scores but got the victory by the narrowest of margins.

I would like to thank Kieran for organising the games and presenting the children with wrist bands and medals after the matches. Thanks to Ciaran, Gavin, John and Tara for their help with team selection and drills between games. Thanks to our parents for their support and finally well done to our players who performed well on the evening although we may need a bit of target practice and defending drills in the next couple of training sessions.

Brid Og Panel: Adam, Conlan, David, Gerard, Katie, Liam, Niall, Oran, Pearse, Sophia, Zack

Falls Park League

13/04/2014Posted by Gavin Kane


Primary 6 – Falls Park Games

Date: 13th April 2014

Venue: Week 1 Falls Park

Brid Og's P6 hurlers took part in the first week of the P6 games at the Falls Park. The event consisted of 3 games of 7 minutes each way, with Brid Og drawn to play O’Donnels, Ardoyne and Bredagh. 13 hurlers were available to play on the day and it was great to see so many kids turn out. Brid Og seemed to be one of very few teams with more kids than the planned panel size of 11. This meant ongoing rolling substitutions to ensure that everyone got a game.

The conditions were not ideal with a strong biting wind, which at one stage knocked over the goal posts. 

The first game was against O’Donnels and the Brid Og team dominated the first half of the game with the majority of possession. Most of this half was played in the opposition’s part of the field with a few scores from young Niall. The second half was a different affair and indeed seemed like a different game. The O’Donnels team talk at half time had an impact on their players and with the wind now in the faces of the Brid Og team,  O’Donnels quickly equalised and then took the lead. As the wind strengthened there was little that the Brid Og team could do to move the ball up the field and O’Donnels came out on top.

The second game was against Ardoyne and the 2 sides were pretty evenly matched in terms of skill and speed. The Ardoyne forwards managed to break from our defence and sneaked some early scores. The Brid Og team responded, however Ardoyne managed to edge ahead and win the game.

The last and perhaps best game of the day was against Bredagh. Both teams showed great skill during this physical hard fought game. It was good to see that the winter work on catching and hand passing has started to pay dividends. A few players took some hard knocks during this game meaning continual changes in players. However the game was nail biting from start to finish and ended in a 0-1 to 0-1 draw.

The team hurled brilliantly today in some very difficult conditions and with many more weeks of these games ahead, there should be plenty more exciting games to come.


I would like to thank John and Tara for helping with the team and also for refereeing and also thanks to our parents for their support. Thanks to Micky and his team for organising the games, but most of all a big thank you to the team for turning out and playing to their best in some very difficult conditions.

Brid Og Panel: Adam, Conlan, Pearse, Zack, David, Katie, Brian, Eoghan, Eoin, Niall M, Niall D, Lorcan, Caelem



S Antrim P6 Go Games

29/03/2014Posted by Darren Hamill

P6 Go Games

Venue: Colin Valley

Date: 29th March 2013

Similar to the P4 games earlier our numbers were great and we were able to field 2 teams. Team 1 consisted of P6s and team 2 were made up of P5's and a P4 Zack who had already played earlier in the day with a record of 4 victories.

Unfortunately Carryduff and Sarsfields could only field one team each however Ardoyne had enough players for 3 teams which meant a change of schedule for our teams

Team P6 played Carryduff first and this was an excellent game. Our opponents have obviously done a lot of hand passing drills and were using this skill well to keep possession of the sliotar during the games. The Ogs were playing some great hurling themselves and edged the game 4-2 with some great scores from distance.

The P6s second game was against Ardoyne 2 but as our second team were not playing it was decided that each team would play a half each. The P6s edged out a tight first half 1-0 when the Ardoyne keeper knocked the sliotar into his own net from a clearance from our defence. Our P4/5 team however faired better with a 3-1 victory against the same opponents.

Our P6 teams next game was against Ardoyne 1 and the first half of this game was very scrappy as both teams tried to get on top and after a bit of encouragement at half time our players responded brilliantly and we recorded our third victory

The P6 teams final game was against Ardoyne 3 and our team was dominant from the start and at the Final whistle the Ogs had a proud record of 4 Wins

Our P4/5 team first match was against Sarsfields and this was nip and tuck with both teams showing a great standard of hurling with Sarsfields recording a 4-3 victory with the last poc of the game.

Our P4/5s third game was against Ardoyne 1. Like the P6 game against this opponent the match was a tight affair with the sliotar constantly moving back and forward but Ardoyne came away with the narrowest of victories 1-0.

The P4/5 teams final match was against Carryduff and both teams did not disappoint when the Og's fought back to earn a respectable 3-3 draw and had chances to actually take the victory.


I would like to thank Kieran for organising the games and the young whistler for refereeing the games. Thanks to Ciaran and Gavin for mentoring the P4/5 team and putting the kids through drills between games. Thanks to our players parents and families for travelling and their vocal support. Finally a large thanks to our players. Firstly to our P6 team who all hurled brilliantly to record a perfect record of 4 victories. Also well done to our P4/5 hurlers who showed a never say die attitude on the pitch when they all played to the final whistle. It was also great that we were able to field a total of 13 players and hopefully we can build on these numbers for the future blitzes in the Falls Park and North Antrim / South West Antrim venues.

Brid Og Panels: 

P6 Team - Adam, Brian, Eoghan, Gerard, Niall, Oran
P4/5 Team - Caelem, Daniel, David, Lorcan, Pearse, Sophia, Zack

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